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Review: “Night People” – You Me At Six

It’s been three years since You Me At Six’s last album, Cavalier Youth, which found huge success but was ultimately their most forgettable album to date. While sounding great all thanks to producer Neal Avron, it overdid the whole radio friendly sound. It wasn’t what fans expected especially after an album as dark as Sinners Never Sleep. Fast forward to

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Top Ten Muse Songs

Wooooo, this list was not easy to make. Muse are one of the greatest bands alive right now and will go down in history as such. After weeks of going through their incredible discography I’ve managed to come up with ten that stand out the most. Let’s do this.   10. Dead Star During their angsty days, Muse did not hold

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My Fall Playlist

More than just leaves changing, autumn is a shift into many things. Staying in more, allergies, seasonal depression, and many other things. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this beautiful but short time before the leaves completely fall and snow approaches. There are some like me, whose music taste shifts with autumn. I hope that you enjoy this playlist I’ve made.

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Top Ten Bayside Songs

Bayside! One of the most impressive punk rock acts for more than ten years. The band, despite always being somewhat in the background but were still met with great success, have never made a bad album. With that said, here are Bayside’s ten best songs.   10: Transitive Property While guitarist/vocalist Anthony Raneri has written non angsty songs in the past (Landing

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See you later, Transit

During my senior year of high school the scene was in the middle of a shift. Gone were the days of bright colored shirts, straightened hair, and synth driven rock. It was replaced with flannels, traditional tattoos, and gritty, crunchy rock and roll or to everyone at the time, pop punk. Not the pop punk your older sibling jammed. No,

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