Review: “Tidal Wave” – Taking Back Sunday

Talk about jump-starting the old Cadillac. Taking Back Sunday continue to evolve with their seventh album, Tidal Wave. First off, not only is this a damn good rock album but it is undoubtedly the best album in their discography.

It has everything you want in a TBS album. Atmosphere, good old fashion rock and roll, throwback, and of course the dueling vocals. Influences are all over from The Ramones to Tom Petty. Bangers like “Death Wolf” fit into the Tell All Your Friends/Where You Want To Be era of the band while “I’ll Find A Way To Make It What You Want” is arguably the best album closer they ever written. The transitions are also a highlight for this is a beautifully structured album. Just check out “Fences”, “All Excess”, and “I Felt It Too” to see what I mean. It also isn’t TBS without some ballads and “Homecoming” is the best since “New American Classic”. It’ll definitely be a fan favorite live.

Years from now, fans will look back and remember two classic Taking Back Sunday albums. Tell All Your Friends and Tidal Wave. Welcome back, boys.

Tidal Wave gets a 5 out of 5

Stand out tracks: Tidal Wave, You Can’t Look Back, Fences, I Felt It Too, Holy Water, Homecoming, I’ll Find A Way To Make It What You Want


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