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Nova Gholar On The Wings Of “FRDM”

After the spectacular release of “WNDR”, Nova gholar drops another great song featuring N.E.P.H.E.W.. “FRDM” is a beautiful creation that shows the artist sharing deep insight into his own mentality. The song, like “WNDR” and his other songs, reflects Nova’s much cherished heritage that we are all eager to see more of.   Nova began writing lyrics and crafting his own

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Hazeline Taffe Shares Her Incredible New Releases With The World

Singer-songwriter Hazeline Taffe returns with incredible new releases, among which the album Finally, and the singles “Humanitarian Change,” “True Friend,” “Strength ‘n’ Dreams,” and “The Battle of the Cov-19.” Taffe has a god-given gift of being able to translate into sound and lyrics her pure messages of truth and wisdom, performed in full grace in each of her songs. Feeding

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Make Your Dream Come True By Helping Savage Ticket Make October The Jazz Month

Imagine talking about your passion and getting money for it. It seems like a dream come true, right? Well, it turns out the innovative platform Savage Ticket is ready to implement your dreams, but they have a pretty pretentious one of their own. The platform has a goal to unite all music people in one project and build a musical

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