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Ben Conley Doesn’t Hold Back on “Thanks For Something”

By Deuce Anyone who listens to the latest release from Ben Conley, “Thanks for Something”, can tell dude had a lot on his mind when he laid this one down. Something had to be iggin’ him just to come up with the concept, the music, arrangement, instrumentation, and all that good stuff. The singer/songwriter puts it down way too fast

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Nite Owl Engages His Fans with His “Call and Response” Song ‘I Rap’

In 2018, Nite Owl won a song contest with the St. Louis Cardinals. Currently, he’s featured on the baseball team’s theme song, ‘Cardinal Nation: Hearts Are Pumpin.’ His sweet blend of musical styles embodies the integrity of underground lyrical hip-hop music, while also hitting the characteristics of commercial mass appeal. Nite Owl has written, recorded, and released 22 independent studio

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