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Can’t Tell Me Nothing: The Memorable Life and Terrific Times of J’Moris

By Deuce The story that’s most revealing about J’Moris—as an artist, a man, and a grifter—took place well before he ever shot a single music video, dropped any of his assortment of singles, published even one of a handful of EPs (of which there’s at least 5), and released two albums (including February’s Moris Better: Loveless Confessions). Revelatory, perhaps, it

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The Emergence of GEA’s Voice

By Deuce Part I: The Voice Truly, the tale begins in Finland, with the breaking of a woman’s heart—if not something more. GEA—singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and keyboardist—had just treated her then-husband, himself a music producer, to something designed to impress, to win favor, to ingratiate. It was a song, one of the first the artist had devised in a

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