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VIDEO: B.J. Fisher – “Human Heart”

Singer-songwriter B.J. Fisher has the second single and video out to his upcoming album. Shot by Samuel Fisher, the visuals depict Fisher living in the old-fashioned country with his family. They have a picnic in a meadow and then his two boys run around and play in a creek. After adventuring the area, the boys return, and then dig up

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VIDEO: Joe Wong – “Minor + Nuclear Rainbow”

Psychedelic artist Joe Wong has a double video out from his recent album “Nite Creatures.” Beginning with “Minor,” Wong is shown singing from outside his window as a harpist plucks the melody. He is gradually joined by several other musicians playing from their windows as well. Wong is then shown playing a drumset in the middle of a desert, which

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AUDIO: Synymata – “Where Does Love Go (Feat. Elle Vee)”

Electronic producer Synymata teamed up with vocalist Elle Vee on his debut single. It’s a beautiful headbanger with production that drills into the soul, complementing Vee’s lyrics begging to know where love goes once it dies. It may make you feel sadly nostalgic at first but ultimately brings about a euphoric rush. Emotionally compelling yet breathtakingly vigorous, Synymata makes a

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AUDIO: Slamhaus – “Slamwave”

Trip hop artist Slamhaus is out with a new record, and it’s his take on synthwave and cyberpunk. As such, these six tracks take us on a journey through computers and vast spaces. Slamhaus keeps the tempo at a comfortable walking speed, so you can definitely get your steps in with a relaxing yet determined pace. If you’re looking for

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AUDIO: Odd Person – “Pulsar Myth Melodies”

Odd Person, an experimental project of August Traeger’s, has a new EP out on the Copenhagen-based label Be Sweet, But Take Action. Taking a world music direction, Odd Person’s compositions here are themed around ancient rituals, metallic objects buried in the sand, and constellations. The Owl Travellers are the heroes in these mythological stories, arriving to Earth seeking refuge from

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AUDIO: Fight Dice – “The Magic Pact”

Fight Dice are a new party-punk rock band inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. Their debut single is about not giving up on quests they’ve set themselves upon despite being outnumbered by dangers ahead. The “magic pact” they’ve signed to stop the dark energy and save the maiden; they’ve put all their spells together to be as formidable as possible. It’s

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