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AUDIO: Dubb Saq – “Dubb Lightyear”

Hip hop artist Dubb Saq has a new single out this week…and he’s become a space ranger. With the dark and mysterious production characteristic of Saq, he raps about falling in love with the pain of the grind, and never hitting the brakes as he goes. His verse touches on dealing with failure by working extra hard, applying even more

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AUDIO: Lurk – “The Well”

Andrew Meier’s dungeon synth project Lurk recently created a new track for Lamp & Dagger’s “This Tape is Haunted” collection, which features Halloween-themed soundscapes from a number of dark ambient/dungeon synth artists. Beginning with samples of animal croaks and rain sounds, the track doesn’t take long to evolve into a horror-stricken cascade of thunder and spooks. It’s a rumbling composition

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AUDIO: Live Tetherball Tonight – “Who Liked Who First?”

Emo-indie rockers Live Tetherball Tonight have a new EP out this week. It’s four songs that encompass the cycles of a teetering relationship. Everything starts with the hindsight about starting everything (“Ask You Out”), obstacles are dealt upon the road, and then the realization is made that you wouldn’t change anything about the other person but you’d change yourself for

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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “Parachute”

R&B songstress Grace Weber’s second single since her album “A Beautiful Space” is out now. “Parachute” is about falling hard for someone and wishing to be let down carefully like the titular flotation device. Weber brings the romantic swagger, asserting that she deserves to be fallen for with the same intensity. She feels saved by this person and it’s a

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