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AUDIO: So Zuppy – “Familiar Smile”

Lo-fi bedroom pop star So Zuppy has another single out today. It’s a saccharine love ditty about the butterflies you get when you find the right person. They’re all you can think about and seeing them brings you inexplicable joy. Micah Foust’s warm voice blankets the lyrics with comfort and peace. This is a sweet hint of what’s to come

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AUDIO: Lee Mason – “Like Old Times”

Singer-songwriter Lee Mason recently put out his first full-length album. In a stunning blend of emo, rock, and folk, Mason presents down-to-earth love songs that beg the world for simplicity. He sings about wishing for comfort with just one person, feeling it would save him from his own screaming mind. Mason is the kind of person that gets overstimulated by

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AUDIO: J.McCoy – “Untitled #1”

Dark ambient composer J. McCoy has a new piece out made for the Modulare crew in Wales, UK. Spanning over twelve minutes, it’s a composition that builds up with determination and endurance, ultimately evoking awe in the plane of serene adventure. It’s quite jovial compared to much of the composer’s past work; we hope J. McCoy has more to come

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AUDIO: The Wilting – “Love Songs for a Synthetic Heart”

Darkwave project The Wilting released a new record today. Consisting of seven tracks, there’s a recurring theme of love inflicting immense pain. That’s where the title comes in – the past has already destroyed your heart, and therefore you feel part of you has already died. All of this is stylistically done to the tune of gothic synth, wailing saxophone,

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