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AUDIO: Ervin Munir – “Pick up the Phone”

Ervin Munir

‘Pick up the Phone’, the new single by Ervin Munir and Tina Blaber, is out now! For us, this track resounds with vigour and purpose, and the emotion on display is palpable from the get-go! This delivery brightens Ervin’s characteristic folk aesthetic while possessing a contemporary feel-good energy. Also, the song features a compelling narrative, all about different perspectives, coming

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AUDIO: Brian Lightning – “Pilot”

Brian Lightning

Brian Lightning, the promising newcomer from Birmingham, has burst onto the music scene with an electrifying debut single titled “Pilot”. As a magician by trade, Brian’s musical style is anything but ordinary, and ‘Pilot’ proves that he is here to make a significant impact with his distinctive and infectious magical energy blended seamlessly with an indie-rock edge. Right from the

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AUDIO: Von Venn – “Jeanie Is Out”

Von Venn

Dublin’s music scene has birthed another gem in the form of Von Venn, an indie rock outfit that is making waves with their exhilarating vibe. Their latest record, “Jeanie Is Out,” is out now and it is an absolute thrill to behold. With their previous singles like “Ghost” and “Constant Girl” making an appearance on this 10-track album, Von Venn

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AUDIO: 4Qua Of OrioN – “4QuaZulu”

4Qua Of OrioN

4Qua Of OrioN, the singer-songwriter hailing from the UK, has just unleashed his latest track, “4QuaZulu,” and it’s clear that he continues to make strides in the right direction. This new offering bursts through the speakers with immediate energy, igniting a fresh dose of afro-pop zeal that is simply irresistible. From the very beginning, “4QuaZulu” takes us on a trip.

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AUDIO: James Sebastian – “Life’s Tasting Good”

James Sebastian

James Sebastian’s latest track, “Life’s Tasting Good,” exudes a nostalgic classic rock vibe that takes us to a bygone era. Despite being relatively new to the scene, James has swiftly established himself as a formidable presence, and this new release further solidifies his reputation as a rising star worth watching. His musical style draws inspiration from past hits but ventures

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