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Listen To ILWTL: A Part 3 of ‘The Toxic Love Mixtape’ by Mxtty Holmes

Part 3 of ‘The Toxic Love Mixtape’ by Mxtty Holmes – ILWTL (In love with the liquor) brings us up close and personal with some of the many struggles experienced in a love gone wrong. Although the girl he was in love with gave him great pain, Matty Holmes found a way to turn these experiences into emotional lyrical melodies

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‘Look What You’ve Done’ by KRYSTOF Will Definitely Make You Dance And Feel Summery

‘Look What You’ve Done’ is a vibrant new song by KRYSTOF. The track is about the helplessness and loss of control after you fall in love with someone. You can’t help but think about the one and you wish it would stop and at the same time, you never want to feel different again. The artist says, ‘At some point

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A Rap Duo by The Name RA.F Released a New Energetic Song ‘Foreigns’

Faraz Mohsin and Raad Shaikh are a rap duo called RA.F. They started making music only under a year ago but their goal is to become the next major artists in the hip hop industry. They started on SoundCloud by dropping an album called ‘Live It Up’ without having a mic, proper equipment, or proper editing skills. Now, nearly a

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A Strip Club DJ Splash Rob Released A Catchy New Song ‘Right now’

‘Right Now’ by Splash Rob is a unique song from many different standpoints. The hook is catchy and memorable, and the verse has parts that will get stuck in your head after hearing it for the first time. Splash Rob’s music can be described as ‘party music’ or ‘mood music’ because not only it brings out different emotions in people

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Unwind With Grand Marquis’ Catchy Song ‘How I Do’

‘How I Do’ by Grand Marquis is a song about the artist’s personal life and experiences. The song reveals how the artist has struggled in the past but now he is helping people and giving them what they need. The track is melodic and memorable with thoughtful lyrics. The artist’s sound can be described as articulated, unique, versatile and melodic.

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Laszlo Jones’ Astonishingly Take On Domestic Violence In His New Single “In The Morning”

A renowned artist and composer, Laszlo Jones, recently dropped an eye-opening music video for his new hit single “In The Morning.” The lyrics and sound were perfectly portrayed in the clip, as Laszlo takes us on a journey of uncertainty. After a night of chaos and intensity, the woman in the video is seen wiping away the bloodshed the second

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AUDIO: Calboa – “Old Flame”


Calboa adds fuel to his captivating indie backlog with his new release, ‘Old Flame’. The track flows with an indie rock aura that is impressionable from the get-go. Furthermore, Calboa takes a step back from the modern world to reflect on a previous relationship, and he opens up candidly, often showing vulnerability. Lyrically, Calboa is becoming a regular for delving

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AUDIO: Glitch Project – “Bloom”

Glitch Project

Italian female two-piece Glitch Project are sending a shockwave across the indie realm with their latest delivery, ‘Bloom’. It kicks off with a serene opener with a gradual rising synth, taking the listener forward to the vocal. Initially, it isn’t easy to understand the words, but suddenly, the message becomes apparent, and the ladies are speaking about personal encounters. They

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