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AUDIO: Adam Giles Levy – “The Fall”

Rocker Adam Giles Levy, who hails from the United Kingdom, has released his newest track, “The Fall”. The song, which is a thoughtful composition about the life of a hopeless person whose life has little direction after a tragic event takes place. The lyrics are on point; they explain that even in the most difficult of circumstances, a path can

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AUDIO: Wicked Expectation – “Moving Clockwise”

IDM band from Italy, Wicked Expectation, has a new song out called “Moving Clockwise,” and it will blow your mind. The experience of listening to the single provokes deep thinking, delves into meaningful topics, and offers a respite from the bedlam that permeates our modern lives. It is challenging to stay inattentive to the atmosphere that the track exudes, and

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