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AUDIO: Treeminder – “Treeminder”

Math rock quartet Treeminder are out with their debut self-titled record. This thing is rich with complex rhythms, emo-friendly vocals, and moonlit moodiness. The final two tracks are a two-part song, one-half swampy folk and the other-half prog instrumental. Enjoy the ghostly dog on the cover art and the third track’s sample of a guy talking about how much he

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AUDIO: Julia Thomsen – “New Beginnings”

What I love most about December is the number of Christmas tracks which appear. However, it is not often that I find myself gravitating to one quite as much as I did when I first came across ‘New Beginnings’ by Julia Thomsen. It is a classical composition which delves into the Christmas space, and it pierces its way through with

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“Face It” By Bones Fires Up The Metal Scene

If you are bored with the monotonicity of the music scene and do not want to hear the same two or three tunes in each new song, the singer-songwriter Bones will definitely breathe fresh air into your life. In every detail of his art, the artist owns his path of not going after the hype and creating sounds coming from

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Amirah Is Asking Us To unite Despite Our Differences With Her Powerful Single “Tell Me”

“What should I believe? How can I believe? Am I my name, am I my face? My religion or my race? My tradition or my tribe? Or just this heart that beats inside?” With these thoughtful lyrics and pacifist messages, the Malaysian-born singer Amirah is trying to unite everyone despite their differences in this time of massive political change taking

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