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AUDIO: Uptop Pink – “The Lost Tape, Vol. 1”

Hip hop artist Uptop Pink’s got a new tape out. It’s seven tracks where the rapper tackles the life hardships that are enough to make you want to run away. Pink touches on subjects such as losing people, burning bridges, coping mechanisms, and watching his enemies’ moves over melancholy production that complements his brutal honesty. This tape is earnest about

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VIDEO: JalenG – “My Pace”

Hip hop artist JalenG dropped the video for his song “My Pace” from earlier this year. He’s out and about downtown here, rapping about finding the balance between going at his own rhythm but not falling out of place. He calls out the ones that are on fake shit and not truly supporting his success – you don’t have to

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AUDIO: Duckling – “CapTel”

Garage rockers Duckling have a new single out. Inspired by the recent mass layoffs by CapTel, who have been a major source of employment for Milwaukeeans and are now replacing their workers with AI, the song has a buzzing bass line and jangly riff that rumble underneath the band’s refrain “CapTel saved my life!”. Although the song was written a

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AUDIO: Doubter – “Doubter”

Alternative rockers Doubter have delivered their debut self-titled EP. Covering grounds of pop punk and power pop, these songs channel the anxieties of being hung up on the past and having shit stuck on your mind. The band is wasting no time unleashing excitement and enthusiasm for strong hooks and loud, vigorous riffage. We hope to catch a Doubter show

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