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AUDIO: Grace Weber – “Lonely”

Cover artwork for Grace Weber - "Lonely"

Singer Grace Weber’s new release “Lonely” is a soulful and introspective two-song release that showcases her impressive vocal range and talent as a songwriter. The lead track, “Lonely,” is a poignant reflection on a relationship that has come to an end, with Weber’s emotive vocals perfectly capturing the feelings of heartbreak and loneliness. The b-side, “Insincere,” is another soulful track

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AUDIO: Kent Avenue Carpool – “Outside Joliet”

We at Breaking and Entering love our buddy Josh Trimble; even though he moved to Chicago some years ago, we’ve still been excited to hear the music he’s been working on. His new project, Kent Avenue Carpool, just released their sophomore single and it’s a joyous excursion into a dreamy sunset. Featuring a cheerful acoustic melody and occasional showers of

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AUDIO: Would You Kindly? – “Tick Tick Boom”

Pop rockers Would You Kindly? released a new single ahead of their forthcoming EP. It’s a song about somebody making you get ready to lose control like you’re a firecracker with a lit fuse. The band is unique in that they have an electric violinist, and we can really hear them howl like a singing heart here, soaring above the

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AUDIO: Glowingtide – “Avoid”

Glowingtide released their second single of the year. With their ethereal blend of shoegaze, psych rock and emo, the band conjures a massive, swelling wave of distortion. With a shredding guitar solo, shrouded vocals and powerful amplification, the song is like roaring rapids in a dream. The band just announced that they are making their Cactus Club debut next month

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