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AUDIO: Camb – “Everything Must Go”

Hip hop artist Camb finally has his long-awaited album “Everything Must Go” out today. Spanning eighteen tracks, the eclectic rapper-singer is putting the energy he needs out into the world while leaving the toxic bullshit permanently behind. He touches on every aspect; what he needs for his career, in a woman, and out of his friends. One of the most

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AUDIO: Midsummer – “I Don’t Know What to Say”

Emo-alternative rockers Midsummer have a new single out. It’s about struggling to articulate just how you feel about a situation; no words seem to be able to do justice because everything feels wrong. Featuring Nick Heath of American Bandit in a spoken word bridge, the song is intensely convictive with bleak emotional terror. We’ve all felt such a way at

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AUDIO: Graham Hunt – “Painting Over Mold”

Singer-songwriter Graham Hunt is out with his sophomore full-length record. Consisting mostly of tracks Hunt wrote during quarantine, the record is out on Minneapolis label Forged Artifacts. His pop rock sensibility has plenty of jangles and grooves but his lyrics simultaneously are assertive and raw. Graham Hunt shares some truly keen observations about the unpredictable chaos of the world, ranging

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AUDIO: Kat Auburn – “Soul Composed”

Singer-songwriter Kat Auburn has released her debut album. Recorded in a Victorian mansion in Wisconsin’s lake country, Auburn’s record is the result of being a closet singer for much of her life before serendipitously stumbling upon a legion of Milwaukee jazz musicians. She’s developed an elegant sound blending soul, pop, and rock which accompanies her poignant songwriting. Auburn’s music is

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AUDIO: Roberto Bates, VIOLA – “Fire Walk With Me”

Roberto Bates is the EDM producer who keeps on giving with his new track ‘Fire Walk With Me’, sending a shiver down the spine of all those who relish top-class electronic. The new release sees the german hitmaker team up with female vocalist VIOLA, and the pair smash it, knocking the ball out of the park from the instant. VIOLA

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AUDIO: M Pike – “Worthy”

London-based pop-rock musician M Pike is back, and he releases potentially his most groundbreaking track to date, ‘Worthy’. Cleverly M Pike leads the listener on a journey, and he starts with a gentle overture with only a guitar lead and bass rhythm accompanying his vocal. The preamble feels as though it will stay with a chilled theme throughout but unpredictable

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