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AUDIO: Virgin Ambition – “Not Enough”

Alternative rockers Virgin Ambition’s latest single is about two people that just don’t seem to be right for each other. There’s nothing really between them anymore besides the sex, so now it’s time to go their separate ways. Things are going south and time’s running out! Virgin Ambition release themselves as hostages of love with “Not Enough.”

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AUDIO: VUCA & Amanda Huff – “Greensleeves”

Experimental collective VUCA teamed up with Amanda Huff for a reimagining of the English folk song “Greensleeves,” complete with their own lyrics. The result is a grand, magical anthem of spirit, ignition and joy just in time for the holiday season. It was collaboratively written between Huff, Kelly Fitzsimmons and Steve Peplin (who also contributes guitar with a totally shredding

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AUDIO: Glacier Shine – “Glacier Shine”

Acoustic folk act Glacier Shine are out with their debut album. There’s eight songs here that were written over several years, chronicling melancholy topics of grief, ephemeral moments, passing time, burying your sorrows and trying to heal. Danny Balister sings gently as Anna Benjamin echoes him lovingly, together contemplating which feelings remain and which depart. “Glacier Shine” channels feelings of

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AUDIO: Black Lines, Din Sky – “Antisummer Club SPC-700”

Electronic project Black Lines, Din Sky is out with their first release in five years. It’s five tracks that merge chiptune and K-pop for a most retro-future audiovisual experience, created utilizing the XBAND network and recorded through an SNES. If you’re ready to race through a classic 90’s video game, look no further than “Antisummer Club SPC-700.” Plus, a 52-page

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AUDIO: Paraffin – “Mean”

Indie rock band Paraffin, consisting of five members, have just released a new track, ‘Mean’. The band are fresh out of Portsmouth and are already making waves in the rock world. They are giving the industry’s heavy hitters a run for their money and demonstrating that they are here to stay. The first thing that jumps out at us is

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