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AUDIO: Andrew Cesarz – “Our World”

Pop artist Andrew Cesarz dropped a single from his upcoming debut album. Beaming with optimism, this tune is about what your dreams would look like if it weren’t for having to work and make money to survive. There’s a keen sense of hope that we can collectively push for a better world here, all with an affable dance-rock flavor. Stay

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 AUDIO: Judy Pearson – “My Guiding Key”

Judy Pearson, one of the UK’s most promising singer-songwriters, takes us on a journey with her new single, ‘My Guiding Key’. The new release is the work of Judy herself and producer Geoffrey Ahn; their synergy pays off massively! The physical nature of ‘My Guiding key’ is inspiring, and it is an honest mirror of her inner feelings. “If I

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AUDIO: Glitch Project – “Shivers”

Glitch Project enter a fresh era with their new single, ‘Shivers’. The Italian band’s latest release adds a new chapter to their legacy—the duo ventures far beyond their alt-pop trademark to add dance textures to their already formidable blend. The Federica and Maida duo are not afraid to attempt new things, and they do so with ‘Shivers’. It opens with

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AUDIO: Cntrlla – “Dismember the King”

Electronic producer Cntrlla’s latest single is ready to shred your ruler to bits. This one’s got a fuzzy, static bass drop that represents bringing justice to the titular evil lord, who lets out one last evil laugh before meeting his fate. Cntrlla is known for bringing elaborate scenarios to his music, and “Dismember the King” keeps his vivid imagination moving

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AUDIO: Taylor Campbell – “The Leash”

Singer-songwriter Taylor Campbell released a new song this week. With noise rock sensibilities, this one’s about heartbreak and being wrapped around someone’s finger. Campbell begs this person to call him and break his heart again, singing “walking freely never suited me none, nipping nightly at your heels” to convey his attachment. Catchy yet sepulchral in subject, it’s a vociferous one

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