Red Bird Rising’s “My Revolution” Means Business

By Deuce

Believe it or not, Red Bird Rising manages to pack two cuts into the price of one in his latest single and video, “My Revolution”, which features Tara Kuznetzov.

The first is well defined, with an eponymous hook no one could miss after seeing the song’s title (or even just hearing the hook).

The second, however, is just a smattering of bars wedged in between those of the main cut. Technically speaking it’s the bridge or the buildup as it’s called nowadays, that’s markedly out of place—and delightfully so—with the rest of the tune.

The tempo slows way down. The guitars, heretofore thrashing and markedly electric, become doting acoustic ones. The vocalist’s tone softens, the rotation of the earth turns palpable. It’s just a small part of the cut but it means so much, and sounds so good, and is worthy of the aspirations of musicians of all sorts.

The shift is dramatic when the tempo, texture, and volume of the song rapidly assert themselves once more, with the rockish electric guitars and the cries of revolution reverberating about the instrumentation. But that only serves to make those fleeting moments more poignant, and the cut(s) itself/themselves that much more fuller.

As the title indicates, “Revolution” (which was produced by Red Bird Rising) is an ode to, and about, sedition. Such a feeling typifies the chorus and the lyrics, in which the vocalist (who so happens to be Kuznetsov) fancies toting heat to Russia to “bring those reptiles down”. How literal that sentiment might be is up to interpretation, as he oft reminds listeners that “My revolution begins/my world within”.

But he certainly sounds cogent, particularly with the fat ass bass that surely was played live and which courses over a punchy drum pattern that was almost assuredly the handiwork of live playing as well. The former manifested courtesy of Ana Pshokina, whose husband is Kuznetsov (they’re both Ukranian); the latter was masterminded by Fernando Moreno.

This is one of those songs that makes you wonder if the world is truly ready for such upheaval or, regardless of how well prepared it is, whether it actually will witness such calculated bedlam and its after effects.

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