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By Deuce

It’s pretty astounding what DJ Patsan is able to pack in little more than two and a half minutes on his forthcoming single, “Come This Way”, which will see the light of day on major platforms on January 23rd.

We’ve got delightful melodies. There’s an extremely catchy hook, or dare we call it infectious. Plus, the female vocalist manages to weave in at least three verses, in addition to a couple of breakdowns on the music side.

Some rappers, for example, may not do as much on an entire EP. Alas, the female vocalist who graces the track, bestowing upon it a fun, ebullient style that’s memorable, is uncredited. Nonetheless, she takes a good piece of music and makes it better. Alternatively, she could’ve provided the sound bed for that musicality, which showcases a fair amount of sophistication for what people term ‘dance music’ (sans the ‘electronic’), these days.

For starters, there’s an actual drum pattern. Mind you, the tried and true, four-on-the-floor, over reliance on the kick is still present. But, there’s a snare that’s not bad, and a wonderful interplay of a snare and percussion leading up to the main snare, if you will, that gives the drums much needed life.

However, it’s on the bass line that Patsan truly gets things going. It’s deep, deft, and sets the pace for the tune. That pace, of course, is up tempo, somewhat bouncy, and moving in a way that coincides with the sense of pleasure with which the singer hits her vocals.

You would almost swear there’s an acoustic guitar in moments on this one, but it loops up so well it surely must be a sample, or perhaps just another sound on the synth. Ditto for the electric guitar that punctuates the hook, although this reviewer’s money is that the latter playing was more likely strummed live (on guitar, instead of a synth), since it matches the melody of the chorus.

All of that music, and production, is credited to the DJ at hand. There’s also some fleeting keyboard work that makes this affair even more quirky and ready for adoring dance floor audiences, wherever they just so happen to be. With enough play, that could include a club near you.

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