Pure Order’s “Affinity” For Rhymes Pervades New Single

By Deuce

There’s no paucity of action, and activity, taking place on “Affinity”, the latest single from Pure Order, which happens to drop tomorrow on March 24th.

For starters, the group combines the lyrical prowess of Nemesis and God’s Gift. However, the tune also features your man Bread of Kaliwild manning the mic for the third verse on a beat produced by Dr. No.

But that’s just the metadata. This cut features a full-fledged intro, 4 (or at least 3 and a half) verses, and a bona fide outro, too. The three emcees interchange their vocals with much delay—as in the vocal effect—as they weave their way in and out of the hook, the intro, their rhymes, and the outro. Nemesis, for her part, is all over the track from the ad-libs to the hook, singing and chanting a major dose of polysyllabic flows.

The entire presentation is somewhat overwhelming in parts, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but perhaps a way of challenging the listener. This sentiment certainly applies to the rhymes of God’s Gift and Nemesis. The pair manages to work their way densely into the track with a knack for heavy wordplay, prominent vocabulary, and cadences that slip around, between, and within the drums.

Plus, during the rhymes Nemesis is hitting background vocals that are entrenched into the track itself. No’s instrumental alternates a bass line that both ascends and descends with equal fervor, and likely was selected for the keyboard loop that’s good for flows of all varieties.

Nonetheless, it’s the amalgamation of voices, vocals, and track work powering them that arguably hits the hardest on this one. “Can you make me feel that?” Pure Order repeatedly asks on the hook.

With the surplus of vocals and rapidly evolving lyrical dexterity that characterizes the majority of this effort, there’s few questions as to the response. Just what exactly it is that the listener’s feeling, or what the duo and their featured emcee are talking about, likely takes a few more spins to pin down with a degree of exactitude.

And that, of course, only benefits this release, the group behind it, and its collective future in the industry.  


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