Reginiano’s “Time To Let Go” Takes Off

By Deuce

You can, tell almost from the incipient sound of the wind instrument that’s much too evocative to be a flute, yet obviously in the same sort of family, that Reginiano is onto something quite major in his latest single and video, “Time To Let Go”.

Hell, one can tell that much from the opening moments of the tune, which begins with the breaking of waves from a distant shore, seemingly seeping closer and closer. But the wind instrument is worthy of its name (whatever it is) or, more accurately, its descriptor. It’s curvaceous, flailing, deceptive, and mesmerizing. It brings this tune to life in so many ways and forms, gripping the listener until all else becomes unimportant.

More than likely that instrument is one of five attributed to the artist. This hodgepodge of instrumentation also includes some of the most delightful, melodic, and vibrant acoustic guitar notes of which one can conceive.

Forsooth, it’s the guitar and the flute-like thing that begin the music on this effort, that carry it through, and that provide the bedrock for a host of additional stringed instruments—including the violin, viola, and cello—to take their cues from. Still, maybe it’s maudlin to impute the most moving of those sounds to that guitar, but such are the impressions it left, and well after the track was over, too.

Such a tune and, to be quite specific, such a melody that bubbles from the guitar and springs from the wind instrument like zephyrs and all types of westerly warm breezes, defy words. They speak a language understood by cats, animals, the bending of flowering petals at noontide. And yet there is a point, near the end, in which Reginiano is so captivated by this work that he erupts into vocals—without words—simultaneously guiding and riding on the trails of the other instruments, particularly that wind one.

Even the percussion is seemingly imbued with a splash or two of water. Difficult would it be to describe it in any other way. This is the type of emotion giving vent to sound, and marvelous music, that almost anyone with a heart, a soul, and eyes that have known tears, can instantly recognize.  

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