Emery Pulse’s “Heart Fulfilled” Is Beating

By Deuce

Close your eyes (or keep them open), lean your head back, and let it come out of you: “Aah, aah, aah/ aah, aah, aah”. Now, blaze through “Heart Fulfilled”, the latest single from Emery Pulse, which touched down on Valentine’s Day, of all days.

Hear those background vocals while she’s working her way to the hook on the first verse? Peep the background vocals that come shining through to the foreground during certain breakdowns in the tune, letting you exhilarate in the mere sound and sense of song? It’s by far the best part of this number, eschews words altogether, and helps to make the track an unequivocal winner.

Some may call it pop, but the pure bliss of melody Pulse displays on this number is just one of the many reasons why it’s worth reveling in. As good as the song sounds, it’s also ingenuous in moments, particularly in relation to the lyrics. “Your scent caught the air/transported back to a kiss by the stairs,” she hits you with in the opening moments.

“Is your heart fulfilled/you must be married by now,” she croons on the hook. To that end, this tune has the complete package that both sounds good and meaningful, in the space of a typical pop tune, yet manages, somehow, to stay with the listener for much longer.

Still, it’s difficult to top the melody Pulse rides throughout this ditty, particularly during the verses. She sings with a voice that’s both strong and expressive, revealing a sense of the vulnerable in spots while pouring on the emotion in others (particularly towards the conclusion of the bridge as the number builds to the final hook).

The thing is, Pulse isn’t just credited with hitting the vocals on this one. Nor is she simply the singer songwriter behind it—although she is that, as well. She’s also responsible for the music, and played some of, if not all of, the shimmery keys that get this song glimmering like the setting sun from a delicious distance.

Granted, she’s got some fine instrumentation that she’s singing over, as well. Somebody’s banging away on the live drums, and the bass player evidences a propensity for deep, deft playing, too. But it’s those background vocals, the “aahs” that go from the back to the foreground, that are the most memorable thing, and make the cut worth playing again.

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