Top Ten Video Game Themes

From the 8 bit era to the current 8th generation of consoles, these are the themes that kept us coming back for more!


10: Main Ground Theme – Super Mario Bros. 

Look, we all come out of the womb knowing this classic theme. Stepping on living creatures never felt so uplifting.


9: Ezio’s Family – Assassin’s Creed 2

It’s crazy how this character’s theme manage to appear in the rest of the series in many different ways. Once you hear the beautiful vocals kick in, you know what you’re in for. Epic in scope, this theme captured the feeling of running across rooftops and slaying templars.


8: Select Theme – Killer Instinct 2

Remember that Simpsons when Milhouse bought Bonestorm and was blown away by the select screen (Thrillho). This is essentially the exact same thing. There were times when I was young that I forgot to pick a character because I was too into the music.


7: Want You Gone – Portal 2

With no soundtrack, players were treated to a fun song called Still Alive at the end of the first Portal. So what did they do with the sequel? THEY TOPPED IT! (Fight me) Sung by everyone’s favorite psycho AI, GLaDOS, Want You Gone is a bittersweet end to one amazing game. Now if they could just announce a 3rd one.


6: Main Theme – Final Fantasy 7

Not only this theme but the entire soundtrack brought a cinematic scope to this classic game. When people argue about video games being art I assure you, this is one of the first things to be brought up.


5: Dovahkiin – Skyrim

I’ll say it, this one theme is better than the Morrowind and Oblivion soundtrack put together. Nothing captures the spirit of fantasy and adventure like the Dovahkiin song. It’s the first thing you hear once you put on the game, letting you know what you’re in for.


4: Moon Theme – Ducktales

The king of 8 bit themes, capcom strike gold with the super infectious moon theme from the underrated Ducktales game. I have played this level an unhealthy amount of times as a child just for this theme.


3: Main Theme – Halo 2 

I would put the original on here but it was missing something. Yes, sick guitar shredding!  This theme in particular sums up the entire series. Space and guns! *Rips shirt*


2: Intro Theme – Metal Gear Solid 2

My first time playing any Metal Gear game, I was completely blown away by the intro. It was the first time I felt like not only was I playing a game, I was playing a big budget blockbuster (Insert cut scene joke here).


1: Dr. Willy’s Castle – Mega Man 2 

I told you capcom were the king of 8 bit themes. This was my first favorite video game theme. Hours and hours of brutal platforming finally paying off when I finally get to the first of the last stages only to be encapsulated by this masterpiece of a theme.

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