Review: “I See You” – The xx

To me, The xx were nothing more than generic indie pop. Sure, they had some good tracks like Intro and Angels but the rest were simply uninspired and boring. That is until I heard their 3rd album’s lead single, Hold On. Impressed, I decided to give I See You a listen. I am glad to say The xx start out 2017 strong with their most impressive album to date.

This jump in sound could be thanks to bandmate Jamie xx’s solo album, In Colour which is also worth checking out. Right off the bat, Dangerous shows the listener that they’re about to experience a new side of the band. There’s a lot more going on instrument wise especially with more samples and the improved percussion. ┬áSingers Romy Croft and Oliver Sim have crazy beautiful chemistry on songs like A Violent Noise, On Hold, and Test Me. Soothing calm vocals yet powerful enough to keep your attention. The lyrics are also worth pointing out. While nothing groundbreaking, they are tragic and poetic. Lines such as “My name on your lips. You’re wearing my lungs, drowned in oxygen .” from the song, Lips hit you with the message of love with consequences. It’s not all bittersweet though as songs like Brave For You tell the story of sharing a significant other’s pain and letting them know that it’s not the end of the world.

I See You is one hell of a home run for The xx. Not only will long time fans love it but even people who love their indie pop and are looking for a new band will really enjoy this one. Even people like myself who weren’t fans of the older albums will enjoy it. Welcome back,┬áRomy, Oliver, and Jamie.

I See You gets a 5 out of 5

Key Tracks: Dangerous, Lips, A Violent Noise, Brave For You, On Hold, Test Me


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