Five Underrated Motion City Soundtrack Songs

Highly respected, Motion City Soundtrack are one the finest and most hard working bands of the past fifteen years. With such a unique writing style and energetic live shows, it’s hard not to love them. Also the fact that they never made an average album is an achievement in itself. However with six albums under their belt, there are hidden gems that go unnoticed. So with that here are five that are a must listen. Hopefully it’ll bring memories back and you’ll revisit the magic of these albums.


Boombox Generation 

Honestly, this list could be mostly I Am The Movie songs considering it lives in the shadow of a certain little follow up album. The moment you hear the opening riff of Boombox Generation, you know you’re in for a jam. The lyrics stand out the most however. They seriously had no idea what the future had in store for them. They were too busy jamming and doing moog stands.


The Conversation 

Their only piano ballad, The Conversation is just that. An actual conversation between Justin Pierre and his at the time girlfriend. Having only just the piano on top of Justin’s emotional delivery makes this one of their most powerful songs.



This song is a prime example of Pierre’s unique wordplay. It’s one of the many ways this band stands out from the others. My Dinosaur Life may the least great album in their discography but it’s bangers like this one that keep it from being below average.


Son Of A Gun

Go was an album that took risks and it sure payed off for you end up with songs like this one. With the rare use of going mid tempo plus some electronic drums and you get a movie soundtrack-esque song that’s 100% Motion City.


Anything At All

2015 marked the decline in their popularity which unfortunately led to their break up. The saddest part is that Panic Stations was made for the fans. The amount of love and classic MCS on it is insane. Anything At All is proof of that. It’s basically them saying we’re going back to our roots and giving you something that’ll never leave your CD player. Hopefully more people will discover this album and give it a chance because goddammit, it deserves at least a listen.

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