A Look Back At: For Those Who Have Heart

At this point I’m sure most people know who A Day To Remember are. One of the few bands in their genres to blow up or that one band you used to listen in high school if you want to be that person. The thought of mixing pop punk and metalcore sounded silly but oh boy, did ADTR sure blow minds. The fast and heavy guitars followed by some of the best pop punk chorus’ got listeners moving immediately. The perfect example of this sound lies within their best album, For Those Who Have Heart.

Right away your ears are introduced to a punk jam which smoothly transitions into a breakdown. Fast Forward To 2012 perfectly sums up the album you’re about to listen to. It’s soon followed up with Speak Of The Devil and bam! You can’t put this album down. The most noticeable thing right off the bat is frontman Jeremy McKinnon’s vocals. His control is insane as he goes from blood curdling screams to flawless singing. He truly is one of the best vocalists alive. A singer is not alone though and Tom Denney sure delivers in the guitar department by finding a happy mix between metal and punk. Also worth pointing out is the fact that drummer Alex Shelnutt was only 16 when he recorded the album. Couldn’t notice since his skills behind the kit are crazy good and keep the band together. Last but not least is the main reason (I think) people still love this album. The lyrics. Now I know that lyrics in this scene are so cheesy and blah blah blah but forget that. The lyrics are so damn catchy and memorable. I’ll list off a few right now.

“I’ll rip that scandalous bitch in two!” A little inappropriate nowadays but everyone still screams this line from time to time.

“Twenty bucks say you’ll remember me when you see me on your TV screen.”  Such a big screw you to whoever this song is about.

“Mark my words, we’re taking over the world!” I can only sum up this line with this gif.

Image result for mosh gif

After ten years, For Those Who Have Heart still holds up surprisingly well. I popped it in and still can’t hit skip on any of these songs. A Day To Remember are still relevant and big and we have this album to thank.

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