Top Ten Muse Songs

Wooooo, this list was not easy to make. Muse are one of the greatest bands alive right now and will go down in history as such. After weeks of going through their incredible discography I’ve managed to come up with ten that stand out the most. Let’s do this.


10. Dead Star

During their angsty days, Muse did not hold back. Dead Star is an in your face jam that still gets requested at shows to this day. When Matt Bellamy wrote songs about relationships, he made sure they would stand out.


9. United States Of Eurasia 

Oh boy, it’s going to get slightly political. By using Queen and cultural influences, the instrumentals capture the idea of the lyrics 100%. In a nutshell it’s about how the US keeps allowing an endless war between Europe and Asia in order for them to never unite and become the bigger superpower.


8. Muscle Museum 

The only song from their debut album, Muscle Museum shares the struggles of Muse trying to make it big. Giving it their all even if it’s just in front of a few people. I would also say this is a hipster’s favorite Muse song.


7. Time Is Running Out

The song that got us Americans into Muse. A smooth bass line leading into an infectious pre-chorus. Whether you think it’s about a girl or the government brainwashing us, everyone loves this hit.


6. Starlight

Speaking of hits, Starlight is what cemented Muse into the mainstream. A powerful love song with one of the sickest bass lines ever written. Just like Spinal Tap, Matt, Chris, and Dom are turned up to eleven on this one.


5. New Born

It’s rare when the live version is better than the studio version. New Born is one of those songs. You are able to take in and appreciate all three instruments at once and that guitar solo…’s better to hear it yourself. Incredible.


4. Stockholm Syndrome 

As depressing as the subject of abusive relationships are, no other songs capture it quite as this one. Add the fact that it’s one of the heaviest songs ever written by the band and you got pure intensity.


3. Megalomania

How many bands can say they used a church pipe organ on their song? It makes it all the more ironic yet genius that the song is about atheism.


2. Knights Of Cydonia 

Their weirdest song (and that’s saying something) yet here it is at number two. It’s an space opera of western proportions. I swear Westworld influenced this.


1. Citizen Erased 

Whether it’s old or new Muse, this song somehow manages to sum up the band. Featuring their most powerful lyrics, according to Matt: “It’s an expression of what it feels like to be questioned. I spend more time than most people being asked about purpose and it’s a strange feeling. I don’t really have the answers and I have to respond on the knowledge I have obtained so far, but the problem is that it gets printed and something else has come along that made you completely disagree with what you said.” It will always be Muse’s greatest song.





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