Riffing on Rise: Attack Attack!

Oh Attack Attack! What can be said about your music that hasn’t already been said. Your music videos however are a different story…let’s start with an easy one.


Stick Stickly

Well first off it opens with a lady whose face tells me she can’t wait to collect her check at the end of the day followed by a BRUTAL breakdown. Gotta admire the signature “I play synth but not right now so I’ll grab my keyboard and headbang until then”. Now there’s shots that make zero sense. If you notice around the 0:35 mark one of the dudes has their hand on the lady’s shoulder but ten seconds later you can see him walking towards her. Wut. Another thing is throughout the video the clean vocalist is singing and playing guitar in the house only to have him without one in the exact same shot. Make up your mind! Also random lens flare. I should take it easy because this song/video is notorious though. You’d think their music videos would get better but..



Okay, so the first minute will make you question life. Why would the guy wrap up a body in a carpet just to drag him back to the trunk of a car that he’s going to blow up? You can’t waste the dude in the car and then blow it up? I guess that would make too much sense. Also how did the car even blow up? We saw him pour gas all over it. Did that match he threw away magically ignite the car? Did he put a rag in the gas opening and light it so he had enough time to run away, light a cigarette, and face away from it like a cool guy? Then what was the point of pouring gas on the windshield!? You also gotta love throughout the video they’re supposed to be gangsters despite having straighten hair, dreads, and gauges. They sure look like a couple of goodfellas. My favorite part is around 2:10, the singer with dreads grabs a dude and starts to drown him in a bowl of water that can be easily knocked out of the way. Also gotta love that the screamer wanted a footstool during the shots of them performing as a band.


The Motivation 

As you can see there have been some budget cuts. Nothing a like a hike through the woods with a camera. What are they running away from? Most likely actual gangsters they pissed off from their Smokahontas video. There’s honestly not much to say about this terrible excuse for a music video. “Look how edgy we are with fake blood and weapons!” Me and my friends could go to the woods by my old high school and make this exact video if we wanted to. Good thing after two more mediocre videos Attack Attack! broke up and the singer, Caleb formed the far superior Beartooth.

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