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VIDEO: OK Go – “Upside Down & Inside Out”

The visual innovators that are OK Go are back again with yet another impressive music video. Their latest viral stunt, which in hindsight has become a strong model for making money in the music industry, is “Upside Down & Inside Out” in which the band is, well, just that. The video was shot on an S7 Airlines plane, with absolutely

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Riffing on Rise: Attack Attack!

Oh Attack Attack! What can be said about your music that hasn’t already been said. Your music videos however are a different story…let’s start with an easy one.   Stick Stickly Well first off it opens with a lady whose face tells me she can’t wait to collect her check at the end of the day followed by a BRUTAL

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VIDEO: Taddy Porter – “The Gun”

On the first night that I was at South By Southwest, I let my ears guide me down 6th Street, a move that I would recommend for anybody at any music festival, really. Because I did that, I found Taddy Porter playing at the Nook Amphitheater. With one song, I was hooked, and checked out the rest of their set.

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Agent Orange – “A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad” (Video)

Here’s a piece of skateboarding/punk rock history for you. Growing up, I always saw clips of this video. I knew it was Agent Orange, and I knew that they were performing on the deck of a pool, but I never saw the full video. Thanks to the internet, though, I was able to find this classic piece of footage from

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The Cranberry Show – “Cinema” (Video)

The Cranberry Show released their eagerly awaited “Cinema” video today. I just got the chance to check it out now, because I was busy working on a video of my own. It’s really awesome to see when people take time with their videos, creating a great end product. This is just another example of the great end product that comes

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The Cool Kids – “Bundle Up” Music Video

The Cool Kids should just be named The Unconventional Kids. They’ve already signed to Mountain Dew for the release of “When Fish Ride Bicycles” which seemed to be when the actual moment in time when the album was actually going to come out. Now, they’ve got this video / behind the scenes look / mockumentary video for their song latest

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