Why I miss the music part of VH1 and MTV

Every morning I hear my screeching alarm go off, I have such a hard time getting out of bed because I have nothing to look forward to. When I was younger, I had such a different mentality. I enjoyed getting up every morning because it meant I get to watch hours of music videos before I head out for my day.

It was how I kept up with what was the hot songs of the week, but it also allowed me to discover new music and continue to let my love and passion for music grow. It even helped me decide to pursue music journalism.

I used to watch MTV’s TRL and VH1’s Top 20 countdown everyday in anticipation wishing that was me on there interviewing musicians. Now that I am actually doing that on a smaller scale. I am forever wishing there was an outlet like this once again, so I can live my dreams.

However, there are plenty of other reasons besides my own why playing actual music is missed on these channels. Here they are:

1.) Like I mentioned it helps you stay cultured:

From these channels and shows, you would know the hot songs at the moment. It would help you know the artists that are up and coming. It would just keep you in the known and basically make you feel like a musical genius.

2.) It lets you feel like you know more than just the band’s music:

When you see them in an interview or in a music video, it allows you to see a new side of them. You don’t just see them as people who play music. You start to see them as people who have similarities to you, like to have fun and more. It gives you an opportunity to connect with them and like them on a whole new level.

3.) It helps you let our your creative side:

When you see channels like this play music videos, it inspires you. When you start to listen to songs, you start to picture what they could do for a video. When you watched MTV Unplugged and saw them perform their acoustic sets, and it made you think of ideas of how you could put a twist and perform songs. No matter what, it just inspired you and your love for music.

4.) It is in their name:

For Heaven Sakes, MTV is Music Television. VH1 is Videos Hit One. If they followed and obeyed the name of their channels, they should be playing and providing their viewers with music. It is ridiculous that they make no time for music anymore. I do like the shows they air, but it would be nice if they allotted time slots for people to enjoy some tunes every once in awhile.

5.) It leads you to discovery, and made you love music:

These programs helped you see what you like in the music world. It let you narrow down the genres, artists and songs you liked. It allowed you to see all the artists that are out and making music. It overall let you find who you are as a music lover and avid music listener.



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