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AUDIO: Sabi Pitt – “Keep On”

Caribbean singer Sabi Pitt showcases his inner creative prowess with his new pop soaked afro-pop gem, ‘Keep On’. The single is from the album of the same title, and it is out now on all streaming platforms. Leaping out of the scene, Sabi Pitt brings the feel-good charisma that the world has been crying out for recently. His candid wordplay

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 AUDIO: Kingdumb – “Best Friend”

Kingdumb is an electronic hip hop artist from the United Kingdom. The man with the ingredients, whose name will be heard a lot more in the months ahead. With his new single, ‘Best Friend,’ he is back with a bang, an exhilarating ride from the start and a truthful representation of his life experiences. ‘Best Friend’ is tough to categorise

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AUDIO: No Serial Killer – “I Luv Myself”

The brilliant ensemble No Serial Killer have released their latest single, ‘I Luv Myself.’ This track maintains its vitality throughout, which is one of the reasons it is now at the top of several radar lists. Staying beyond the box of modern norms, this one has an unmistakable orthodox vibe to it, making it stand out among the new releases of

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AUDIO: Karuna – “Heartsease”


Karuna are the folk group who like to do it their own way, and it is paying off with their new release, ‘Heartsease’. The track is an ear-opener from the first second but for the right reasons, and it is a showcase of the talent within the up and coming group. All hailing from separate parts of the UK, Karuna,

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AUDIO: Charmian Devi – “Radio Of None”

Charmian Devi

Charmian Devi charms her way to the alt-rock forefront with her release, ‘Radio Of None’. The track follows her highly acclaimed previous hits, ‘Karma Cell’ and ‘No Peace’. ‘Radio Of None’ opens with a toned-down guitar rhythm, and Charmian leads the way with a message about loneliness. She sings with an unorthodox technique. It instantly sets her apart from the

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LOONY Drops Her New Single “Raw,” Saying It’s Always Best To Show Your True Colors

Canadian r&b artist, LOONY, released a new song last week titled “raw,” and announced on her instagram that an EP is on the way. The song flows just the way it sounds. A neo-soul, jazz feel with some acoustic vocals that speak to the importance of being 100% real with someone, or ‘raw.’ In an interview with Broadway World, LOONY

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Celebrate Women With XonDaTrack’s ‘She Don’t’

Music producer and sound engineer Kirk Strachan, a.k.a ‘XONDATRACK’, developed his unique style as the result of a life surrounded by musical influence. Growing up, his skills as a musician developed at a young age playing drums alongside his award winning Hempstead High School Gospel Choir, under Director Kevin Winther. Everyone knew he had a gift for music. Kirk attended

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Lose Yourself In The Digital World With Nandan’s ‘Digitalia’

Nandan (full name Munshi Ashkaruzzaman Nandan) is a Bangladeshi-born singer/songwriter hailing from Thorold, Ontario. Nandan’s musical influences stem from various music genres, leading to him creating songs in multiple unique styles. Nandan has a ‘something for everyone’ type of approach to his music – a true jack of all trades. This approach has led to inconsistency with maintaining one specific

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Roane’s ‘Finish Line’ Is Encouragement For Those Struggling Without Results

Roane is an up and coming hip-hop artist located in Dallas, TX. Inspired by his desire to build a platform to initiate change, Roane actively involves his audience in his growth process. Through the active use of his social media pages, he connects with fans to request help on whatever sound he should pursue for his music. He has worked

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Chronicle’s “Sorbet” Will Show You The Beauty In The Darkness

Chicago-raised rapper/singer Chronicle started writing and producing songs in high school but soon diverted his attention to a career in TV and Film. As a man of commitment, this even included dropping out during his first semester at Harold Washington college to completely refocus his efforts. Since then, Chronicle has ventured back into music with the release of two EPs:

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