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AUDIO: Julia Thomsen And Marie – “Travelling Through Wonders”

Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen and Marie have collaborated on a new release, “Travelling Through Wonders”. The unique composition, loosely based around Julia’s earlier piece, “Wonderness,” flows in and out of the original work, and it glistens as the warm air of spring greets us all! Marie is an artist who works in sound design, and her effort in this composition is paying

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AUDIO: Charmaine Wohlmann – “Avalanche”

Charmaine Wohlmann

With her debut track, ‘Avalanche’, the English singer Charmaine Wohlmann, doesn’t keep anything in the locker. Charmaine, who is obviously very knowledgeable in her style, captures our attention from the very first note of her performance. She then leads us on an unforgettable journey, revealing her many facets. ‘Avalanche’, which has a captivating introduction, begins with a resounding bang. The

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AUDIO: Rodney Hazard – “The Man From Nowhere”

Rodney Hazard’s latest EP, ‘The Man From Nowhere’, is soothing to the spirit and was just released. The new extended play gives us the option to reflect and transports us to new places with its laid-back vibe. The song ‘Stardawg’ serves as the introduction to the EP. Its rhythm buckles us into our chairs and transports us into outer space

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AUDIO: Thomas Cole X Nathanael Hall – “Free Fallin”

With the release of “Free Fallin”, Thomas Cole and Nathanael Hall have proven once again that they are masters of their craft. The release carries a powerful message that delivers its punch with vigour! “Free Fallin” is about coming to terms with one’s own value and accepting the fact that we can’t make everyone happy. It is all about having faith

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AUDIO: Vinyl Floor – “Treading Water”

The Danish duo known as Vinyl Floor unleashed their inner indie rock edge with their newest song, ‘Funhouse Mirror’, which is from the album of the same name. It is a throwback rock track with a contemporary twist. They are living proof that you do not need many band members to produce a powerful sound, as their band comprises just

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AUDIO: Minna Ora – “Wind”

On her brand new single, “Wind,” which is out right now, Minna Ora makes excellent use of her natural creative potential. The Finnish singer-songwriter grips our attention from the very first second of her performance, and she manages to keep it there throughout the length of her set. “Wind” features a great deal of bowing. Furthermore, it stands out in

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AUDIO: Michael Lukes – “Here And Now”

The latest release by Michael Lukes and Savine, ‘Here And Now’, takes us on a journey through time. This release is an indie-folk gem that is laced with numerous post-genre approaches. Additionally, it casts a clear light on the talent that is currently emerging from the United Kingdom and Micahel appears to be leading the pack with this treat! The

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AUDIO: Sabi Pitt – “Keep On”

Caribbean singer Sabi Pitt showcases his inner creative prowess with his new pop soaked afro-pop gem, ‘Keep On’. The single is from the album of the same title, and it is out now on all streaming platforms. Leaping out of the scene, Sabi Pitt brings the feel-good charisma that the world has been crying out for recently. His candid wordplay

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 AUDIO: Kingdumb – “Best Friend”

Kingdumb is an electronic hip hop artist from the United Kingdom. The man with the ingredients, whose name will be heard a lot more in the months ahead. With his new single, ‘Best Friend,’ he is back with a bang, an exhilarating ride from the start and a truthful representation of his life experiences. ‘Best Friend’ is tough to categorise

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AUDIO: No Serial Killer – “I Luv Myself”

The brilliant ensemble No Serial Killer have released their latest single, ‘I Luv Myself.’ This track maintains its vitality throughout, which is one of the reasons it is now at the top of several radar lists. Staying beyond the box of modern norms, this one has an unmistakable orthodox vibe to it, making it stand out among the new releases of

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