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AUDIO: Kendow – “We Will Survive The Coronavirus”

Kendow is bringing the feel-good vibes with his new hit. Good on him, we need something to feel good about given the crazy times we are witnessing. Furthermore, his latest release, ‘We Will Survive The Coronavirus’ speaks a message of confidence that we will all be okay. Musically, this new track excites me with its nail-biting texture. Also, I enjoy

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AUDIO: Tanaka Makoni – “The Streets”

Tanaka Makoni is pushing herself more in-depth into the history books with her new release ‘The Streets’. It is a track which speaks for the generation with meaningful lyrics cementing themself profoundly from the get-go. It all kicks off with a gentle overture with Tanaka resonating quickly with her opening melody. Also, the intro carries a serene direction before becoming

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AUDIO: D•SIPAUL – “It’s No Good”

D•SIPAUL captivates with his new electronic dance anthem ‘It’s No Good’. Following on from where the greats in this genre left off, D•SIPAUL takes giant leaps with him bringing in vocal support from ‘Freya Alley’. Kicking off we hear a thumping rhythm taking the focal position with a bold backbeat smashing the speakers with vigour. Also, a synth arrangement gives

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AUDIO: Ashley Lauren – “Alive”

Ashley Lauren inspires with her latest release ‘Alive’. It comes with a potent message, and the quality which is on display is extraordinary. Hailing from New York, Ashley has already seen considerable success for her previous releases, and she picks up where she left off here with ‘Alive’. It kicks off with a gradually increasing synth arrangement which sounds as

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AUDIO: Amanda Marie Wilkinson – “Spiritual Level”

Amanda Marie Wilkinson delves deep into dance-pop and what she returns with is a treasure! Furthermore, her latest release ‘Spiritual Level’ is sending a shockwave across the pop space, and it is evident to see why. Moreover, it comes with a mesmerising tone and the musical foundation which Amanda’s vocals sit on drips energy like a leaking tap. It all

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