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AUDIO: Charmaine Wohlmann – “Avalanche”

Charmaine Wohlmann

With her debut track, ‘Avalanche’, the English singer Charmaine Wohlmann, doesn’t keep anything in the locker. Charmaine, who is obviously very knowledgeable in her style, captures our attention from the very first note of her performance. She then leads us on an unforgettable journey, revealing her many facets. ‘Avalanche’, which has a captivating introduction, begins with a resounding bang. The

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AUDIO: Ervin – “She Never Made Old Bones”


‘She Never Made Old Bones,’ the new release from Ervin, a folk music breakout sensation from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, gets his new year off to a roaring start. The passionate performance of the song, which draws inspiration from more conventional methods, bursts forth from the speakers with a such unwavering poignancy that it is difficult to criticise in

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AUDIO: Akil B. Strange – “Everything You’ve Heard Is True”


Akil B. Strange is providing hip-hop zeal with the release of his new album, ‘Everything You’ve Heard Is True’. The American rapper collaborated with the highly acclaimed record producer Rodney Hazard on his most recent studio album, which is out now. This album is a rollercoaster ride of many feelings for the listener, and it is packed to the brim

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AUDIO: Rodney Hazard – “The Man From Nowhere”

Rodney Hazard’s latest EP, ‘The Man From Nowhere’, is soothing to the spirit and was just released. The new extended play gives us the option to reflect and transports us to new places with its laid-back vibe. The song ‘Stardawg’ serves as the introduction to the EP. Its rhythm buckles us into our chairs and transports us into outer space

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AUDIO: Darcy Louch – “{re}defining”

The release of Darcy Louch’s newest EP, “{re}defining,” has us completely smitten with this Hertfordshire, England-based vocalist. The lyricist and vocal force leaves us full of excitement, and she immediately demonstrates her charming presence. In the competitive world of pop, standing out from the crowd demands distinction, and Darcy possesses that quality in both her voice and her songs. In

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AUDIO: Thomas Cole X Nathanael Hall – “Free Fallin”

With the release of “Free Fallin”, Thomas Cole and Nathanael Hall have proven once again that they are masters of their craft. The release carries a powerful message that delivers its punch with vigour! “Free Fallin” is about coming to terms with one’s own value and accepting the fact that we can’t make everyone happy. It is all about having faith

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