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AUDIO: Calboa – “Old Flame”


Calboa adds fuel to his captivating indie backlog with his new release, ‘Old Flame’. The track flows with an indie rock aura that is impressionable from the get-go. Furthermore, Calboa takes a step back from the modern world to reflect on a previous relationship, and he opens up candidly, often showing vulnerability. Lyrically, Calboa is becoming a regular for delving

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AUDIO: Glitch Project – “Bloom”

Glitch Project

Italian female two-piece Glitch Project are sending a shockwave across the indie realm with their latest delivery, ‘Bloom’. It kicks off with a serene opener with a gradual rising synth, taking the listener forward to the vocal. Initially, it isn’t easy to understand the words, but suddenly, the message becomes apparent, and the ladies are speaking about personal encounters. They

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AUDIO: Kingdumb – “JDM”


Swindon-based rapper and songwriter, Kingdumb arrives fresher than a Wrigley’s extra with his new release ‘JDM’. It is a track that paves the path for future British hip hop with an unorthodox vision. It starts with a pan-pipe lead that takes the listener far from the modern world’s craziness and into a peaceful realm. Eastern sounds influence the entire track,

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AUDIO: Sabi Pitt – “Change The World”

Sabi Pitt

Sabi Pitt releases another influential release, and he gets his message across in a transparent fashion with ‘Change The World’. Fed up with modern society, Sabi speaks candidly about the harsh truths of contemporary life. But, he cleverly fuses his poignant narrative into a feel-good reggae-pop groove, and his approach leaves an indent for all the right reasons. ‘Change The

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AUDIO: Instant Curtain – “Reverse In The Sand”

Instant Curtain

Prog-rock outfit Instant Curtain fire on all cylinders with their new release, ‘Reverse In The Sand’. The band take an unusual route, but it works well with an eclectic range of sounds greeting the ear with delight. Furthermore, ‘Reverse In The Sand’ kicks off with the guitar lead soaring to the top of the mix with an unconventional fuzzy tone;

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AUDIO: Charmian Devi – “Radio Of None”

Charmian Devi

Charmian Devi charms her way to the alt-rock forefront with her release, ‘Radio Of None’. The track follows her highly acclaimed previous hits, ‘Karma Cell’ and ‘No Peace’. ‘Radio Of None’ opens with a toned-down guitar rhythm, and Charmian leads the way with a message about loneliness. She sings with an unorthodox technique. It instantly sets her apart from the

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AUDIO: Thomas Atlas – “Thomas Atlas”

Thomas Atlas

Thomas Atlas is fresh with his new self-titled album, and he gives the funk world a groove that is irrefutable. His new record, which contains ten juicy gems, is full of exquisite melodies, guitar riffs, and vocals hooks, leaving the mouth pouring with gusto. The album kicks off with the highly commended, ‘Got This Feeling’. It instantly charms its way

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AUDIO: Breeze Redwine – “Money”

Nwando Babes

Breeze Redwine releases potentially the catchiest country-pop song to grace our ears in recent times with ‘Money’. Speaking with honest words, Breeze Redwine enjoys living for authentic experiences and not chasing the money which many do in the capitalistic world. She is fresh, and her arrival to the country scene could not have come at a better time given the

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