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AUDIO: Glitch Project – “Wane”

Glitch Project are smashing it once again with ‘Wane’. The single is the latest release from the Italian female duo, and they grip us instantly to their star valour. Musically satisfying, this new one is a delightful earworm that grows into one of the most striking alt-pop tracks of modern times. It opens somewhat condensed with a solo bass line

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AUDIO: Thomas Cole – “Cringe”

Thomas Cole has enthralled the music world once again with his new single “Cringe,” in which he collaborates with his best friend, EJ Garlands. Everything in the song shouts “wow,” and the singer isn’t afraid to build a structure that allows for almost anything. It’s an exhilarating new release dedicated to all people who celebrate pride, as well as standing

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AUDIO: Kingdumb – “Rave In My Bedroom”

‘Rave In My Bedroom’ is Kingdumb’s newest track, taken from his latest ep of the same name. It’s an upbeat, rave stomper that defies convention, and Kingdumb takes us down a novel route that’s both refreshing and irresistible. Kingdumb has been producing for a long time and is now demonstrating his expertise with this new tune. It transports us back

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AUDIO: The Mad Game – “Funny”

‘Funny’ is The Mad Game’s newest song, and it has an instantly appealing texture unlike anything else heard recently. An upward whirling synth loop emerges from the undergrowth before meeting with a beat that rattles the speaker grills in the overture. The sound suddenly takes a new turn, seemingly out of nowhere, and changes into a one-of-a-kind diamond that is

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AUDIO: Olly E – “Rise Above”

Olly E

Olly E strikes while the iron is hot with his latest release, ‘Rise Above’. It is a track about defeating difficulty, and it exceeds expectations from the get-go, with the sole creator showcasing his multi-talent. The musician is a one-person band that is swiftly rising the music ranks. He is frequently mistaken for a whole band; as a result, his

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AUDIO: Tito Jackson – “Love One Another”

Tito Jackson

Tito Jackson captivates once again with his new single, ‘Love One Another’ from his upcoming album, ‘Under Your Spell’, which is due on the 6th of August via Gulf Coast and Hillside Global. Tito has held the gift since a young age, and his star talent shines like a dazzling ray in the night sky. His performance is genuine, and

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AUDIO: 780 Masochist – “Memories”

780 Masochist

780 Masochist lands a new gem on the hip hop realm with ‘Memories’, and, like his past songs, he doesn’t hold back with a compelling delivery that even the most adamant will find difficult to resist. The new track begins with a synth overture that has an otherworldly feel to it. It is essential from the start, and it lays

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AUDIO: Amanda Marie Wilkinson – “Taking My Time”

Amanda Marie Wilkinson

Amanda Marie Wilkinson is back with her new single, ‘Taking My Time’. ‘Taking My Time,’ which begins with a tune that climbs to the top of the mix and fastens itself to Amanda’s vocal in the same manner that glue bonds a substance, is bold from the outset. Amanda sings with energy, and her fearless attitude to singing is refreshing,

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AUDIO: KAJA – “Polish Flowers”


RnB and soul musician Kaja is spreading her wings with her release, ‘Polish Flowers’. The single is one of a kind, and it shines radiantly with Kaja blossoming vocally. To begin, we hear a lovely piano arrangement accompanied by Kaja’s beautiful vocal melody. It sounds like birds in the early morning, and it marks the beginning of a new day.

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AUDIO: Jennifer Porter – “Sun Come And Shine”

Jennifer Porter

Jennifer Porter’s latest release, ‘Sun Come And Shine,’ provides blues fans just what they want. Jennifer’s content is the first to arrive here, which is surprising given the high quality she has up her sleeve. Bernard Purdie kicks off the track with a top-notch tapping rhythmic pattern. A warm piano hook by Miho Hobuzane also adds warmth to the mix

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