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AUDIO: Jameel Mason – “Quarantine Mami”

Jameel Mason is the driving force of modern hip hop. Furthermore, his new release ‘Quarantine Mami’ is spreading like wildfire across the global scene, and it is evident to see why. It is a track which excites from the get-go. Fusing modern hooks with reflective elements, Jameel ticks all the right boxes and many, including myself, cannot seem to get

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AUDIO: Calboa – “Admission”

Calboa is back with the goods. Furthermore, his new indie track ‘Admission’ is catapulting him out of the Hull indie scene, and many fans, including myself, cannot seem to get enough of it since its arrival. Taking influence from some of the biggest names in indie, Calboa adds his own touch while keeping modern and up to date with the

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AUDIO: Suman – “Crazy Over You”

Suman and Ayo Beatz team up for new single ‘Crazy Over You’. Suman, who found success with her previous track ‘Eyes On You’ with KC Pozzy, has taken a new direction here with an irresistible sound. Suman gets the show on the road with a dancehall vibe. Also, it follows a similar opener to the majority of other tracks popping

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AUDIO: Oscar Merry – “Cower”

Oscar Merry is the Bristol-based rocker who is taking giant leaps with his new release ‘Cower’ taken from his stand out EP ‘Unfurl’. Driving the track forward from the start is a guitar melody which comes with thunderous might. It is anthemic, and it will knock you off your chair with its bite and conviction. We are then in with

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AUDIO: Julia Thomsen – “Beauty Inside And Out”

Julia Thomsen

London has produced some of the most beautiful music composers the world has witnessed. But, we have a new name rising to the occasion with an infectious songwriting quality which will leave you itching for more. Furthermore, Scottish born ‘Julia Thomsen’ who now lives in London, is flying the flag for modern music composers and her take on music is

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AUDIO: Le Fil – “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

Le Fil is an artist who is blossoming. He resides in London, and he is making a wave not only in the UK’s capital but all across the British isles with his top-class sound. He is a genuine pop talent, the genre flows through his veins, and his new track is testament to his quality as a rising star. ‘Put

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AUDIO: The Hassan Assassin – “Come Over”

Hip hop ace ‘The Hassan Assassin’ releases fresh new single ‘Come Over’. The rapper takes an orthodox approach here, and he brings heaps of nostalgia on this piece but yet also adds his own flavour to make for a refreshing hip hop gem. Kicking off the track is a hot sounding piano lead. It has the power to catapult us

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AUDIO: Victoria Moralez – “Eyes Off The Prize”

The reason I first fell in love with pop was that it comes in all different shades. One minute we hear artists dropping contemporary pop with a ballad direction the next we have a pop starlet like Victoria Moralez bringing the dance feel good. On ‘Eyes Off The Prize’ Victoria takes us into a new realm. She brings influences from

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