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Che Bark’s “What Is Real” Will Inspire Us To Find Light In The Dark

Che Bark is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from South Korea.  Born Jay Park, he is now based out of Chicago as he comes more into himself persona-wise every day. His first EP ‘August‘ is the first project he’s released under stage name Che Bark.  He sings as well and considers himself more of a music producer and songwriter,

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Two Door Cinema Club Blows MKE Away with their First Show Here

The audience was quiet and waiting around slowly anticipating Two Door Cinema Club’s premiere MKE’s show at Pabst Theater. Being hump day, you can tell people were tired and very little low energy after the week. Suddenly, an insane light show started to happen. EDM pump up music started playing, making me and everyone else confused of where they were.

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Top Concerts in Milwaukee of 2016

I was lucky enough to have record year of concert going in my life time. Pretty much every concert I went to happened in Milwaukee. So, since this crazy year of music is wrapping up, I wanted to give you a taste of the top concerts I had a pleasure of witnessing this year. Here’s the countdown: 10.) TACOCAT AT

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Introducing The Breaking And Entering App!

Hey everyone, Over the last several years, Breaking And Entering has grown and transformed in numerous ways, with 2016 being our biggest growth year to date. More importantly, I am incredibly proud of what Milwaukee’s music scene is doing, and I hope that we can help continue that growth and showcase it on a much bigger level in the coming

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AURORA Brings Shimmering Vibes (and Candy) to Turner Hall : Gallery and Review

Strolling into Turner Hall last night, I was slightly overwhelmed by the loud chatter and excitement on the faces of a diverse crowd lined up on the stairs entering Turner Hall. Once everyone is ushered into the dark room, the pale pink tree-printed backdrop and chrome accents on the stage catch my eye. It is young Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora Aksnes’

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