Review: “Wild World” – Bastille

After the massive success of Bad Blood (More notably, the single Pompeii) Bastille are finally back with the anticipated follow up Wild World.

First off, the first single Good Grief is a bit of a grower and honestly not a choice as a single. Of course you can’t let one song kill your excitement and boy, this album does not disappoint. Basically if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Fourteen songs that you can easily see played at a club or any televised sports game. Dan Smith’s vocals and string arrangements will continue to blow your mind. The man’s voice is essentially the brother of Josh Groban’s. The whole band have perfect chemistry especially Will Farquarson on bass and Chris Wood on drums. Seeing these new songs performed live will prove that. As for influence, songs like Two Evils contain a 60s blues tone while songs like Send Them Off! feature audio dialogue that’ll remind you of MF Doom.  It’s truly a talent to fuse all these influences and create something so unique. Something that only Bastille can create. Also, I would recommend the complete addition of Wild World. It contains five more songs that fit perfectly well with the rest. This is one album that’ll be in regular rotation in your car or headphones for quite awhile.

Wild World gets a 5 out of 5

Stand out tracks: The Currents, Two Evils, Send Them Off!, Four Walls, Fake It, Winter Of Our Youth, The Anchor

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