See you later, Transit

During my senior year of high school the scene was in the middle of a shift. Gone were the days of bright colored shirts, straightened hair, and synth driven rock. It was replaced with flannels, traditional tattoos, and gritty, crunchy rock and roll or to everyone at the time, pop punk. Not the pop punk your older sibling jammed. No, this was in your face, finger pointing, angsty pop punk and I loved it. In the spotlight at the time was what I called the holy trinity of pop punk (I’m weird). These three bands were The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, and Transit. Each of them released an album 2010 in which two are still remembered to this day. At the time Transit was good but not great. While the other two had multiple songs that everyone knew, Transit were simply known for Please Head North. I assure you though, Keep This To Yourself is not a bad album at all but it’s no Real Talk or The Upsides. However, no one saw what was coming when Transit signed with Rise Records.

In 2011 Listen & Forgive was released and it was my gateway into the world of emo rock. At the time it took some growing into since I was all about bands like MO and TWY but the more I listened to it and paid attention to all the lyrics and Joe Boynton’s performance the more I related until I couldn’t put this album down. Songs like Skipping Stone and Over Your Head still hit my soul to this day. There will never be another album like Listen & Forgive. This album hits me like the American Football self titled hits people. Yes, I will compare the two. It shows that this genre of music will continue to resonate with people for years to come.

2013 rolled around and I was older but none the wiser. Hearing the news that Transit are releasing their next album titled, Young New England, and released a new song called, Nothing Lasts Forever, I was STOKED for the new album. I loved the new song. To me, it was the next level for them. At the time I loved Young New England more than Listen & Forgive in which of course new album fever is to blame but even now as I’m typing this, it’s far from bad! Songs like Nothing Lasts Forever, So Long So Long, Lake Q, and the incredible title track should have given their career a huge boost…so what happened? Well you could say pop punk started taking a back seat for bands like La Dispute, Touche Amore, and Balance & Composure. However, people still loved Transit. They should have still fitted in despite the transition in the scene. They should have been headlining larger tours. Not Man Overboard headlining for an album like Heart Attack. To this day I still don’t understand why people hate Young New England but it’s because of that album that I am unfortunately typing this up.

I wasn’t a fan of 2014 but it was a good year for music. At this point people stopped caring about Transit. The Young New England era was a crushing blow to the band and as a result their main guitarist and back up singer, Tim Landers left. I was honestly worried until they released Rest To Get Better. Oh man, this was great! They showed that they still got it and Torre got to show off his skills since becoming lead guitarist. Joyride was a quiet release but to me, it’s just as amazing as Listen & Forgive. Songs like The Only One, Nothing Left To Lose, Ignition & Friction, and Loneliness Burns go down as classic Transit songs. My friends loved the album just as much but at this point the spark was gone.

There will never be a band quite like Transit. There will never be a singer/lyricist like Joe Boynton. There will never be a guitar duo like Tim and Torre. I don’t think this is goodbye but just see you later.

I leave you with a playlist of my favorite songs: Check them out and reflect on memories attached to them.


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