Top Ten Bayside Songs

Bayside! One of the most impressive punk rock acts for more than ten years. The band, despite always being somewhat in the background but were still met with great success, have never made a bad album. With that said, here are Bayside’s ten best songs.


10: Transitive Property

While guitarist/vocalist Anthony Raneri has written non angsty songs in the past (Landing Feet First), none compare to this one. Written for his wife, he lets her know that there will be tough times but will never stop loving her. The line “Cause you’re my rock if I’m still yours” is the icing on this cake of a chorus. Add one of their catchiest riffs ever and you got one amazing song.


9: Masterpiece

Sirens And Condolences was a straight up emo album and I mean very emo. It was Bayside’s first album and the only album where Raneri wrote none of the lyrics. Undeniably the best song, Masterpiece, is also the only song from the album they’ll play from time to time. The guitars and bass hit you right away which reflect the lyrics since it’s about a friend who still can’t overcome his demons from something that happened five years ago. This is meant to be played loud.


8: Mona Lisa

My goodness, the amount of key changes in this is nuts. They really had fun on this one and it’s a shame cause they hardly play this one live. The lyrics are essentially up to the listener while I do believe the song is about drug addiction.


7: The Walking Wounded

This song holds a special place in my heart for it’s the song that got me into Bayside. From the creepy accordion in the beginning to Jack O’Shea shredding it up in the solo, this song is everything you wanted although the song itself is grim. Many believe it recounts the bus accident that occurred in 2005 which claimed the life of drummer John “Beatz” Holohan. Raneri said the EMTs at the crash site referred to them as The Walking Wounded, hence the title of the album/song.


6: Boy

Despite good reviews from critics, Shudder was ripped apart by fans. “It’s not Walking Wounded or Self Titled!” cried the hipsters. I wasn’t one of them. In fact, Boy hooked me in the album right away. Starting with a bang and a well placed piano, Boy is about overcoming the odds and the motivation to keep going as stated with the lyric “Learn to drown before you learn to swim”. While the band used to pretend this album never excited, Boy and other songs have recently started popping back up into sets.


5: Sick, Sick, Sick

I am not kidding when I say this is the most addicting song they’ve ever written. Even if you’re a bitter bean or happily in a relationship you’ll still be singing along and yelling Sick, Sick, Sick. This song is a blast at live shows.


4: Devotion And Desire

For most, this was their first Bayside song. It’s arguably the band’s most famous song and it’s how they end their sets. The feeling when the chorus hits live and yelling “How could I know” is just epic.


3: Duality

I would say this is their second famous song but it’s number three for the refined instrumentals and stronger lyrics.


2: Blame It On Bad Luck

Now these last two songs just plain hit the listener hard. With the brilliant build up of drums and bass, the song rocks your face off with the chorus. While things may get bad and you might be close to your grave, you can still find your way out. It’s a grim tone with a positive message which defines Bayside 100%.


1: Don’t Call Me Peanut

Okay, everyone saw this coming but c’mon, we all know the words. It’s the classic story of falling for a best friend even though she’s already in a relationship. Man or woman, we’ve all been there or at least known someone who has. Throwing lighters up while singing lines such as “Well I may have your heart but he has your body”. It’s a perfect example of strong songwriting without coming off as whining and it’s the greatest Bayside song of all time.

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