Five Awesome Song Sequels

Whether it’s the lyrics or the music, sometimes one song isn’t enough to tell it’s story. A sequel may appear on the same album while other times you have to wait years to see one. With that being said, here are five awesome song sequels.


The Unforgiven II – Metallica 

This one is one of the prime examples of why Metallica are living legends. The chords used in the verses closely match the chords used in the chorus of the first Unforgiven. The lyrics “What I’ve felt, What I’ve known” are used again in the chorus. The story is a direct sequel to the first seeing as the child beaten down by society has been found by another person. It represents bittersweet hope.


Love Like A Sunset Part II – Phoenix 

Being grouped up with guys like Foster The People and M83, Phoenix were highly underrated out of the bunch. Having only one successful album in the US and boy, what an album it is, Love Is Like A Sunset Part II proves why you should be buying this album right now. Part II plays right when Part I ends. Part I is an instrumental that slowly builds up, almost like you’re having one crazy night. It’s here that Part II delivers a sense of bliss to the ears. With lyrics like “Visible horizon. Right where it starts and ends”, it embodies what it’s like to see a sunset after an unforgettable night.


Death Of The Robot With Human Hair – Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance is one polarizing band and this song proves it. This song is actually the fifth in the saga of one man trying to stop conforming to a normal mundane life but finds it difficult. Essentially being a robot with human hair. With parts 1, 2, 2 1/2, and 3, it maintains a set sound. However, with Death, it decides to go out with a huge bang. Going through their eras in sound and ending with the robot finally dying only to be reborn again. The robot got his wish.


Bad Guy – Eminem

Over ten years after Stan, Eminem saw it fit to continue the story. Bad Guy follows Matthew, the little brother of the late Stan. He of course blames Em for his death and even comes close to killing him but something in him changes. It’s a really deep track, especially for a modern age Eminem. It proves that he can still write killer tracks to this day.


Part II – Paramore

What I love about this song is how simple the title is. Paramore isn’t holding your hand, they want you to know what song this a sequel to. Any huge Paramore fan will know as soon as they hear the opening lyric “What a shame, what a shame we all remain such fragile broken things” that it’s a sequel to Let The Flames Begin. While the first is about uniting and standing tall for what you believe. Part II about being the only one left yet still standing tall for everything you believe in no matter what as long your hope burns bright.






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