Review: “Night People” – You Me At Six

It’s been three years since You Me At Six’s last album, Cavalier Youth, which found huge success but was ultimately their most forgettable album to date. While sounding great all thanks to producer Neal Avron, it overdid the whole radio friendly sound. It wasn’t what fans expected especially after an album as dark as Sinners Never Sleep. Fast forward to 2017 and we have Night People. Is it a step in the right direction?

Night People takes the sound of Sinners Never Sleep and upgrades to an arena rock level. It has more in common with bands like Anberlin, Muse, and Kings Of Leon. This is thanks to new producer, Jacquire King, who has produced several Kings Of Leon albums.  It shows with songs like the Title Track, Plus One, and Spell It Out. Speaking of the latter, Spell It Out is the one that stands out the most. While featuring singer Josh Franceschi’s finest and mature performance/lyrics of his career, it’s guitarists Chris Miller and Max Heyler that shine. It’s the most heavy and loud you’ll hear You Me At Six. It also wouldn’t be an YMAS album without their ballads and Take On The World is their best since Crash. A Powerful and mature love song about being with your love through thick and thin. Franceschi gives one emotional performance.

Unfortunately that’s where the positives end since the rest of the songs either take some growing or is just plain boring. I tend to skip songs like Swear, Make Your Move, and Can’t Hold Back after my 3rd listen of the album. Give is an okay closer but there lies the problem. Night People just sort of ends.

While Night People is a step in the right direction, it’s still not quite the album fans have been hoping for. However, despite the flaws, this is their most mature album to date and has some great songs I’d love to hear live. You haven’t lost it just yet, You Me At Six.

Night People gets a 2.5 out of 5

Key Tracks: Night People, Plus One, Take On The World, Spell It Out

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