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AUDIO: West Nile Crows – “Collector”

Indie pop group West Nile Crows have a new single from upcoming EP “Negative.” It’s a song about turning a blind eye to learning new things and staying in your bubble. Ignorance is bliss, and West Nile Crows channel the emotional pain of dealing with close-minded people through this dreamy ditty. The EP will be out at the end of

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AUDIO: Snailtooth – “Mother Earth”

Sludge-punk-doom band Snailtooth have a new record out, back from a fifteen-year hiatus. Beer-soaked and belligerent, these songs feature tortured howls and crushing riffage. We feel like creatures emerging from the decaying soils, out in the open for danger to find us. It’s always exciting when an old band makes a return, and those around for the Wisconsin DIY scene

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AUDIO: Billy Russo – “What’s in the Way”

Blues rockers Billy Russo have a new single out – the first from them since last summer. It’s a jam that begs the question of what’s stopping two people from being with one another. The man expresses self-doubt and is still figuring himself out, yet he wants to be with this woman so bad. So, naturally, the band rocks out

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