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AUDIO: Clementine – “Stone”

Emo pop punks Clementine dropped a new single today. This one touches on pettiness, loneliness, and being hated between two people. You may both need help, but you decide to act like kids about things instead, talking shit and staring into your phone. It’s an angsty, cathartic banger from Clementine and it keeps us getting excited for their upcoming record

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AUDIO: Cozy Danger – “Yeah No For Sure”

Garage pop trio Cozy Danger released a new EP this week. There’s five tunes here that bring the bright, sunny energy that you love and crave from Cozy Danger, making you feel good in your own skin while getting you to dance a bit too. “Fuck Yeah Get It Girl” is a fun tribute to badass women that was released

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AUDIO: Yum Yum Cult – “It Kills Me It Really Does”

Indie-psych rockers Yum Yum Cult released their long-awaited debut album. They get soulful, they get funky, they get noisy – it’s a kaleidoscopic record that covers all the bases with a colorful sonic palette that the band’s built over the years. Not only do Yum Yum Cult switch things up across the album – they even do so within songs!

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