“Can’t Stop The Feeling” – Justin Timberlake (One And Dud Review)

Yikes…Justin might just be human after all.

The man could do it all but after the bore that was Part 2 of The 20/20 Experience I found myself skeptical. Sure, double albums tend to have tons of filler but could his prime be behind him? After listening to Can’t Stop The Feeling I’m afraid it might be true. The song is incredibly phoned in. The video and overall vibe of the song makes it seem like Timberlake’s version of the song Happy except it’s dull. I get it, he voice acts in the movie this song is promoting but could he at least try? The man has gave us gold after gold so should we give him a pass? No! This is easily the worst song ever recorded by Timberlake. The build up is fine but once that chorus hits you’re left feeling underwhelmed. The production is what you expect from him but even the groovy beat is phoned in. The only reason this is currently number one on billboard is that it has Justin Timberlake’s name on it. Drake’s One Dance deserved to stay number one for awhile longer.

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