Five Underrated Green Day Songs

With eleven albums and a new one on the way, some songs end up under your radar or simply forgotten. It’s a shame because these gems deserve to be on Green Day’s set more and in the heads of listeners more. With that being said, here are five underrated Green Day songs.


2000 Light Years Away

This opener to Kerplunk was a fine line between punk rock and pop punk. The perfect riding my skateboard to a 7-11 song, the chorus and guitar are vintage Green Day. This song has found itself on several encore sets during their last two big tours so here’s to hoping it stays.



Sure, to most fans, Warning is the black sheep of their discography but the title track is amazing. It’s a departure from their usual sound (remember, this was pre American Idiot) yet still sounds like Green Day. With a bittersweet tone, this song deserves so much more love from the fans.


The Grouch 

This song was ahead of it’s time because it sums up my generation perfectly. ’nuff said



I honestly don’t know why this has to be on this list. It’s hands down the best song on Nimrod and could easily be in the top ten greatest Green Day songs. Also interesting is that this song was written before Dookie. Wonder what took so long to get it out to listeners.



Now this is how you close out one of the most defining albums of the 2000s. This should be closing out sets right before the encore. You can feel the passion Billie, Mike, and Tre put into it especially during the second half.

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