Review: “Death Of A Bachelor” – Panic! At The Disco


Hallelujah! Panic! At The Disco have released their (Well actually his) fifth studio album titled “Death Of A Bachelor”. Does this album hold up to their past wonderful albums (Yes, even Pretty. Odd. Fight me) or does it fall flat? Not only does it hold up but it is their best and most fun album since “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out”. Hell of a way to start off 2016. Despite Brendon Urie being the sole member of the band, this still sounds and feels like a Panic album. This has got to be him at his most creative, blending old sounds while taking things to the next level. We have songs that’ll make you wanna move and sing at the top of your lungs (Victorious and LA Devotee), songs that would fit in a burlesque show (Emperor’s New Clothes and Crazy=Genius), and even songs that make you want to have a cigarette and whiskey (Death Of A Bachelor and Impossible Year).  Also worth noting is how talented Brendon is at all instruments most notably guitar and drumming. However, it’s his vocals that steal the show once again. Brendon continues to show that he’s the best singer in the business today. Doesn’t matter if you’re a new fan or only used to listen to Fever when you were young, this album will make you wanna get up and dance.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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