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AUDIO: Gorilla Knifefight – “An Ode To The Gorilla / An Ode To The Knife”

Duck Earnhardt, also known as Matt Glassel, released a two-track cassette this month dripping with ransom note, stenciled DIY aesthetic and amp-busting riffs pulled from the American hardcore wave of the early ‘80’s. A single maxed-out guitar blares an air raid siren noise over a simple drum machine track while Glassel belts out lyrics about awaking something primal in yourself.

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AUDIO: Michael Lukes – “Here And Now”

The latest release by Michael Lukes and Savine, ‘Here And Now’, takes us on a journey through time. This release is an indie-folk gem that is laced with numerous post-genre approaches. Additionally, it casts a clear light on the talent that is currently emerging from the United Kingdom and Micahel appears to be leading the pack with this treat! The

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AUDIO: An Vedi – “ConTempoRary Violin”

An Vedi is holding nothing back with her quest to showcase her innate musical ability, as exemplified by her new album, ‘ConTempoRary Violin’. The album casts a new light on some of the greatest composers’ most significant pieces. Also, considering the delivery is a solo violin effort, we cannot overlook it! Violinist An has been honoured with many accolades throughout

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AUDIO: Thomas Xavier – “Money in the Bank”

House producer Thomas Xavier dropped a new single out on Pharaoh Phonix Records. Xavier’s tunes are known to take us on cosmic adventures through time and space, and this song keeps that knack for daring adventure going with flow too real and a rhythm rhyme. The beat thumps powerfully, arousing excitement while retaining a sense of mystery; Thomas Xavier is

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AUDIO: Ave4 – “Slow Down”

Producer Ave4 dropped a new single recently. “I promise you’re moving too fast, dance until you fall in love” the cover art writes to welcome the song, and right away high-pitched manipulated vocals sweep us up into a romantic phantasmagoria. It’s a magical, fantasy-laden cut that climbs into castles of the sky, untethered from the anxieties of life’s quagmires. Ave4

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