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AUDIO: J.O. Eons Featuring Dodger Bl@cc & Xanmatt – “Son Joku”

Hip hop artist J.O. Eons is out with a new EP. Spanning over five tracks, Eons’ attitude here is laid back but focused; he raps about this being his year for his career to launch and that he’s staying out of the drama for the sake of it. There’s features from fellow artists Dodger Bl@cc and Xanmatt; together with them

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AUDIO: After Hour Animals – “All It Takes”

Metalcore band After Hour Animals have a new song out today and it touches heavily on addiction. Vocalists Armon Hassan and Nik Voyn once again conjure a mesmerizing duality of the frantic voice in your head versus the honest and level-headed one, respectively. There’s lyrics about a “final fix” as well as waking up from blackouts. It’s sure to be

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AUDIO: Immortal Girlfriend Ft. Hailey Orion and Deezie Brown – “Friday Night”

Synthpop duo Immortal Girlfriend collaborated with two Texas natives, pop artist Hailey Orion and funk-hip hop artist Deezie Brown, on their latest single. Opening with nighttime crickets, the tune blossoms into a vibrant pop-wave with the feel of a midnight cruise. It twinkles with the atmospheric wonder Immortal Girlfriend have championed over the years. The cover art features ruby depictions

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AUDIO: Xposed 4heads – “Watch Out”

Art rock band Xposed 4heads’ latest is a fun dance-pop tune about running around hiding from authority. The robotic-alien chorus repeatedly shouts for us to watch our backs because “they’re” setting traps and stopping at nothing. It’s delightfully vague yet vigilant. You can hear how much fun the band likely had with this one; Xposed 4heads has been running for

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AUDIO: Daydream Retrievers – “The Ballad of Who Could Care Less”

Indie rockers Daydream Retrievers are out with the second single from the new batch they’ve been working on. It’s a slower tempo, downbeat tune that carries a bleak message of life’s cyclical nature. You win some, lose some, and just keep meandering through this absurd world. It’s a song that feels relevant right now. With a desert-like drone fading the

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AUDIO: I, Manifest – “Planting the Seed”

Djent-metalcore band I, Manifest are out with yet another track – their fifth of the year. This song has a brutally low pitched riff that rumbles under vocalist Robert Strauss’ shrieks about money and power. It speaks to living under an oppressive system where money feeds greed and selfishness while others are left to suffer, grasping for a chance at

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