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AUDIO: Peter J. Woods – “A Waste of Red Meat”

Harsh noise artist Peter J. Woods has a new album out today. With this 39-track-long experiment, Woods uses sonic combinations and fragmented samples to represent the breaking-down of objects, ideas, and experiences that culminate into the human experience. It’s intentionally not cohesive because that would be disingenuous with the irregularities of our conscious perceptions. While periods may feel unpleasant or

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VIDEO: Murphy Kaye – “Joyride”

Indie pop artist Murphy Kaye’s latest single and video is about feeling confused and directionless. Despite this, you have someone by your side that makes pain and chaos a bit more bearable. You have this person’s back and vice versa no matter what; all of this is done musically with a slower tempo that erupts into a grander orchestration of

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AUDIO: Space Whaler – “Limbic Shift”

Experimental-ambient artist Space Whaler has a new EP out. Themed around depression, this body of work makes use of distorted monologues and rain sounds and minimalist guitars. We truly feel draped in the cloak of despair with these incredibly melancholy soundscapes. “Abyss” contains lyrics about being locked in a cage while watching creatures fly freely, while “Reward” spans for over

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AUDIO: Haywyre – “Stay With Me (FT. Sixten)”

Acclaimed electronic artist Haywyre teamed up with vocalist Sixten for a new track this week. It’s a funk-tronic jam about calling out for someone that won’t leave your side no matter what you’re going through. Even if you go through changes, the comfort of this person is a constant. Hopefully it’s a sign of more to come from Haywyre soon

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AUDIO: Snailtooth – “Mother Earth”

Sludge-punk-doom band Snailtooth have a new record out, back from a fifteen-year hiatus. Beer-soaked and belligerent, these songs feature tortured howls and crushing riffage. We feel like creatures emerging from the decaying soils, out in the open for danger to find us. It’s always exciting when an old band makes a return, and those around for the Wisconsin DIY scene

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