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AUDIO: Pay Dirt – “Mule (Auto Body)”

Lounge-grunge project Pay Dirt released a new single. Drawing on themes of liberation and freedom, Gnat Bowden sings with a commanding presence, telling someone to shed their skin and show their true form. They beg this person to know how many acres of themself they are willing to give, accompanied by resonant saxophone passages and a haunting gothic atmosphere. Bowden

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AUDIO: Man Random – “Check Engine Light”

Power pop rockers Man Random’s latest single tackles executive dysfunction. We’ve all been there being stuck completing tasks that we have no desire to do, and this song revolves around procrastination and distraction instead of being productive. With an angsty hook laden with group vocals and a driving riff, Man Random rage about meeting deadlines, filling out paperwork and making

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AUDIO: Venturer – “Spirits”

Singer-songwriter Venturer has kept us ensnared by lovably vivid tales of fantasy and magic the last few months. His latest single continues that saga, and it’s about not being alone spiritually even when you are alone physically. It can be a scary realization at first, but once you accept this presence, these specters become guidance and blessings. Driven by a

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AUDIO: World I Hate – “Years of Lead”

Hardcore punks World I Hate have unleashed their highly anticipated debut full-length album into the world. With eleven blazing tracks, the record brutally confronts the callous neoliberal machine that enables evil and violence to pervade in our world. The band is sick of nonstop, performative bullshit, seeking to eviscerate such injustice with the infernal, crushing onslaught of dystopian powerviolence. With

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AUDIO: Lucky Bone – “The Vanishing”

Noise act Lucky Bone released a new album this past week. Recorded after viewing the 1988 Dutch film “The Vanishing”, the album was created using locked grooves cut and pasted onto a groove-less, blank record. Opening with warped samples of ekphrastic film analysis, the album then continues into a bright, psychedelia-tinged soundscape of repetitious clangor and crackling texture; things conclude

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VIDEO: Okay Omen – “Reverie”

Okay Omen are out with the video accompanying the lead single from their debut album “So It Goes…” released in February. Samer Ghani shot the visual this past winter, finding the band performing the song in an upper-floor space which gets projected onto the side of various buildings (including the Giannis mural!). Folks come gather and watch the projections –

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