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Brave You Plays Rare Show at Company Brewing

Indie-punk rockers Brave You played alongside Brooklyn rockers Wilder Maker at Company Brewing Tuesday night, playing to a crowd of midweek music lovers drinking their Double IPA’s. The band’s activity has been quiet as of late; their last show had been a January gig in Madison that concluded their most recent Midwest tour. Brave You consists of guitarist/vocalist Alex Meylink,

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Meet A Few Artists That Were At FemFest!

This year’s Riverwest FemFest hosted an array of phenomenal female, trans, and non-binary musicians showcasing their talents from Club Garibaldi to Cactus Club to Company Brewing. Although we did not have the chance to talk to each and every one, we managed to hear from a solid handful. Friday night’s Garibaldi bill had been kicked off by BananaFish, the stage

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