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Mid Coast Autumnal Equinox; ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Chino, Kevin Arroyo, EMTN, T!ny, Nimbus!

Mid Coasted hosted an Autumnal Equinox show at Cactus Club this past Thursday evening featuring Chino, Kevin Arroyo, Adorner, EMTN, T!ny, and Nimbus. They supported Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression (MAARPR), an organization that works with families of victims of police crimes to put an end to police misconduct, prison profiteering, political racism and economic injustice through organizing

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AUDIO: Thomas Xavier – “Money in the Bank”

House producer Thomas Xavier dropped a new single out on Pharaoh Phonix Records. Xavier’s tunes are known to take us on cosmic adventures through time and space, and this song keeps that knack for daring adventure going with flow too real and a rhythm rhyme. The beat thumps powerfully, arousing excitement while retaining a sense of mystery; Thomas Xavier is

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AUDIO: Ave4 – “Slow Down”

Producer Ave4 dropped a new single recently. “I promise you’re moving too fast, dance until you fall in love” the cover art writes to welcome the song, and right away high-pitched manipulated vocals sweep us up into a romantic phantasmagoria. It’s a magical, fantasy-laden cut that climbs into castles of the sky, untethered from the anxieties of life’s quagmires. Ave4

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AUDIO: Thane – “White Lies (Feat. Ipe Ramos & B-Free)”

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Thane returns with his first new single in four years. Enlisting vocals from B~Free and Ipe Ramos as well as additional instrumentation by Jamie Breiwick and Josh Turner, Thane crafts a soulful downtempo jam about the little mindless games you and your lover play. Fluttering guitars and graceful trumpets accompany a bed of lush vocals that really

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AUDIO: Rai Hudson – “Vibe”

Pop artist Rai Hudson’s got a new single out. Taking things into soulful R&B, Hudson sings of feeling things out with someone. The candles are lit and champagne is poured, and now things are feeling right with them. With an atmosphere of temptation, marvelous vocal deliveries and a fire-breathing guitar solo, Rai Hudson’s “Vibe” fills the room with infectious romance.

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