AUDIO: Wicked Expectation – “Moving Clockwise”

IDM band from Italy, Wicked Expectation, has a new song out called “Moving Clockwise,” and it will blow your mind. The experience of listening to the single provokes deep thinking, delves into meaningful topics, and offers a respite from the bedlam that permeates our modern lives.

It is challenging to stay inattentive to the atmosphere that the track exudes, and it is exhilarating to witness the band push the limits of the genre in which they operate. In addition to this, they do not adhere to the norms that are currently in place; instead, they go about things in their own unique way, which leads to a distinct outcome. Also, the track is continually developing and progressing while occasionally regressing. It reflects the storyline of the message, which is about the life cycle.

“Moving Clockwise” starts with a vocal lead that guides us toward a pulsing electronic cadence. The drums remain pretty distant in the mix, yet they nevertheless contribute a significant amount of weight to the other parts that are coming into focus. The synthesisers are very important to the music, and as the track progresses, their role in the song grows and develops like a flower.

Overall, this one from Wicked Expectation is a top-class delivery, and it will be ringing out of playlists for quite some time!

You can watch the official video here.

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