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AUDIO: Jennifer Porter – “Sun Come And Shine”

Jennifer Porter

Jennifer Porter’s latest release, ‘Sun Come And Shine,’ provides blues fans just what they want. Jennifer’s content is the first to arrive here, which is surprising given the high quality she has up her sleeve. Bernard Purdie kicks off the track with a top-notch tapping rhythmic pattern. A warm piano hook by Miho Hobuzane also adds warmth to the mix

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AUDIO: Mike Brew – “Somedays”

Mike Brew

Mike Brew is holding nothing back with his new invigorating release, ‘Somedays’. The track is a sincere delivery with Mike leaving no room for any ambiguity with his robust expression. The singer-songwriter who resides in Liverpool, England, delves deep into his musical toolkit and rises out with agility. Furthermore, the up and coming indie musician combines many styles into one,

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AUDIO: Jbwai – “Busy Body Remix”


Jbwai smashes home with his new remix of ‘Busy Body’. The latest version, which sees the rapper team up with Ko-C, oozes captivating charm, and it brings a summer groove that is challenging to tame. Based in Canada, Jbwai is flying up the echelon, and he proves his prowess here with this release. Vocally, the hitmaker occupies a unique flair

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AUDIO: Kingdumb – “JDM”


Swindon-based rapper and songwriter, Kingdumb arrives fresher than a Wrigley’s extra with his new release ‘JDM’. It is a track that paves the path for future British hip hop with an unorthodox vision. It starts with a pan-pipe lead that takes the listener far from the modern world’s craziness and into a peaceful realm. Eastern sounds influence the entire track,

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AUDIO: Nwando Babes – “Put In The Work”

Nwando Babes

Nwando Babes provides the summer sizzle with her new release, ‘Put In The Work’. Leading the way forward is a keys arrangement that is easy to get lost in with its dreamy rhythm. Nwando also gives us an early vocal echo with a reverberated hook echoing around the mix. But, the excitement kicks off with Nwando unleashing a robust vocal

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AUDIO: LZYBY – “Take My Time”

LZYBY Take My Time

What is so impressive about LZYBY is that he keeps reinventing his sound, and here on ‘Take My Time’, he delves into a new area with many new sounds greeting us as it progresses. It kicks off with a non-lexical vocable from LZYBY, with him standing with a humming texture; we are then with his vocal performance rising to the

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AUDIO: Roberto Bates, VIOLA – “Fire Walk With Me”

Roberto Bates is the EDM producer who keeps on giving with his new track ‘Fire Walk With Me’, sending a shiver down the spine of all those who relish top-class electronic. The new release sees the german hitmaker team up with female vocalist VIOLA, and the pair smash it, knocking the ball out of the park from the instant. VIOLA

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AUDIO: M Pike – “Worthy”

London-based pop-rock musician M Pike is back, and he releases potentially his most groundbreaking track to date, ‘Worthy’. Cleverly M Pike leads the listener on a journey, and he starts with a gentle overture with only a guitar lead and bass rhythm accompanying his vocal. The preamble feels as though it will stay with a chilled theme throughout but unpredictable

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AUDIO: Untold Poet – “Don’t Understand”

Essex rapper and songwriter, Untold Poet is back with potentially his boldest and most potent track yet, ‘Don’t Understand’. It is a release which cements the rappers name in rap history, and his honest approach leaves a long-lasting impression. Furthermore, the BBC Introducing Essex ‘Sound Of 2021’ artist grips here with him venting about what he feels about the world

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AUDIO: Thomas Atlas – “Got This Feeling”

Thomas Atlas

Stunning with an instant funky charm, ‘Got This Feeling’ by Thomas Atlas is as potent as upbeat tracks come, it is awe-inspiring! Born in Birmingham in the mid-90s, Thomas grew up listening to some of the worlds finest blues and funk tracks and his early listening experience has taken a toll on his musical style. He brings a nostalgic feel

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