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AUDIO: The Hassan Assassin – “Come Over”

Hip hop ace ‘The Hassan Assassin’ releases fresh new single ‘Come Over’. The rapper takes an orthodox approach here, and he brings heaps of nostalgia on this piece but yet also adds his own flavour to make for a refreshing hip hop gem. Kicking off the track is a hot sounding piano lead. It has the power to catapult us

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AUDIO: Misty Shape – “Midnight Train”

Misty Shape prove their versatility as musicians on their latest track ‘Midnight Train’. It is the type of rock song which mirrors some of the worlds most famous ballads, but it has a unique freshness which many are finding hard to resist. Vocally, the track excels, and the lead singer hits all the right notes from the moment her vocal

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Audio: Abel Razal And M.A Teuwen – ‘Project 9’

Abel Razal

Abel Razal and M.A Teuwen have teamed up to create a contemporary pop track with plenty of influence from rock greats including ‘Prince’. It is a track which mesmerises. A lot is going on structurally which I like, and the foundation within the record proves the quality which the pair possess between them. It has been produced by Abel who

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Super Fresh Bros. – “Fresh”

My, oh my. Super Fresh Bros., AKA C Money and Nate The Great of So Klean, released the first single off of their “Level One” album. From the second I hit play on this track, I was amazed at how far they’ve come from the first time that I heard them. I definitely wanna hear the whole album. Click the

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