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AUDIO: Ervin Munir – “Carolynn”


Ervin Munir, a musician who performs folk and country music and is located in Norfolk, has re-emerged in the music world with his immensely engaging new single, “Carolynn.” We can feel the passion pouring out of his every vocal note, and his playing style once again proves that he is up there with the finest in the field right now.

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AUDIO: Julia Thomsen And Marie – “Travelling Through Wonders”

Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen and Marie have collaborated on a new release, “Travelling Through Wonders”. The unique composition, loosely based around Julia’s earlier piece, “Wonderness,” flows in and out of the original work, and it glistens as the warm air of spring greets us all! Marie is an artist who works in sound design, and her effort in this composition is paying

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AUDIO: Voodoo Rays – “Empire”

Voodoo Rays

Voodoo Rays are pushing the envelope with their newest album, ‘Empire’, which features cutting-edge tracks. The band hailing from England wastes little time in getting down to business with a sound that will shake your speakers for all the right reasons. The music is best categorised as classic indie, with many nods and winks to some of the most influential

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AUDIO: Charmaine Wohlmann – “Avalanche”

Charmaine Wohlmann

With her debut track, ‘Avalanche’, the English singer Charmaine Wohlmann, doesn’t keep anything in the locker. Charmaine, who is obviously very knowledgeable in her style, captures our attention from the very first note of her performance. She then leads us on an unforgettable journey, revealing her many facets. ‘Avalanche’, which has a captivating introduction, begins with a resounding bang. The

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AUDIO: The Chewgs – “Let It Out”

The Chewgs

With the release of ‘Let It Out,’ The Chewgs are bringing the feel-good energy that we are looking for right now. It is a track that was released before the end of 2022, but its significance is striking given that we are currently in the new year period. With this track, there is a sense of realising one’s full potential, and

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AUDIO: Akil B. Strange – “Everything You’ve Heard Is True”


Akil B. Strange is providing hip-hop zeal with the release of his new album, ‘Everything You’ve Heard Is True’. The American rapper collaborated with the highly acclaimed record producer Rodney Hazard on his most recent studio album, which is out now. This album is a rollercoaster ride of many feelings for the listener, and it is packed to the brim

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AUDIO: T Brixson – “Bonita”

T Brixson

T Brixson is performing at the top of his game after the release of his new track ‘Bonita’, which also incorporates the work of an American musician by the name of Westbrooke. The duo are a formidable match and quickly establish themselves as major players in both the Latin and pop music scenes. ‘Bonita’, with its cosy vibe, is one

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AUDIO: Rodney Hazard – “The Man From Nowhere”

Rodney Hazard’s latest EP, ‘The Man From Nowhere’, is soothing to the spirit and was just released. The new extended play gives us the option to reflect and transports us to new places with its laid-back vibe. The song ‘Stardawg’ serves as the introduction to the EP. Its rhythm buckles us into our chairs and transports us into outer space

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AUDIO: Darcy Louch – “{re}defining”

The release of Darcy Louch’s newest EP, “{re}defining,” has us completely smitten with this Hertfordshire, England-based vocalist. The lyricist and vocal force leaves us full of excitement, and she immediately demonstrates her charming presence. In the competitive world of pop, standing out from the crowd demands distinction, and Darcy possesses that quality in both her voice and her songs. In

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AUDIO: Paraffin – “Mean”

Indie rock band Paraffin, consisting of five members, have just released a new track, ‘Mean’. The band are fresh out of Portsmouth and are already making waves in the rock world. They are giving the industry’s heavy hitters a run for their money and demonstrating that they are here to stay. The first thing that jumps out at us is

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