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AUDIO: Death Tape Super Bass – “Hellmouth”

Prolific experimental/noise act Death Tape Super Bass is out with his first release of 2023. Over six tracks, Aaron Steinmetz explores minimal techno built from variably metallic and wonky textures. A couple tracks span over eight or nine minutes long; “Tooth Party” and “Sound Drown” give Steinmetz plenty of room to feel out industrial soundscapes with alarm-like repetitions. “Hellmouth” is

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AUDIO: Doormouse – “Breakcore”

Veteran electronic artist Doormouse released a new EP out on Rotterdam-based PRSPCT Recordings. As the title suggests, this EP features six heroic tracks of pounding drum & bass, sharp breakbeats, variably humorous samples and caffeinated tempos. Doormouse is one to throw listeners into a wild and whimsical headspace with his compositions, and “Breakcore” is one hell of a frantic, fun

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AUDIO: Kendraplex – “Live in a Car”

Experimental artist Kendraplex released a new single last week. Taking an ambient pop approach, this tune’s lush synth substratum and dreamy vocals create a hypnotizing atmosphere, with distorted guitar introduced periodically to add to the fantastical soundscape. The title is pretty self-explanatory; the lyrics describe what it’d be like living in your vehicle with your lover. Kendraplex ponders the nomadic

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