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 AUDIO: Kingdumb – “Best Friend”

Kingdumb is an electronic hip hop artist from the United Kingdom. The man with the ingredients, whose name will be heard a lot more in the months ahead. With his new single, ‘Best Friend,’ he is back with a bang, an exhilarating ride from the start and a truthful representation of his life experiences. ‘Best Friend’ is tough to categorise

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AUDIO: Riptide – “You Got Me”

Electronic producer Riptide dropped his debut single today on Focus Four Records. It’s a shuffling house tune with breezy atmosphere, dueling keyboards and synths and an animated hook, never getting too aggressive while still making you feel alive. There’s an extended mix of the track available as well. With a strong premiere tune, we look forward to what’s to come

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AUDIO: Cyrus Chrome – “Drop Down”

Electronic pop artist Cyrus Chrome is a new one to watch. His most recent single has sensibilities of hyperpop and hip hop, carrying a playful demeanor with Chrome looking to attract the attention of someone walking by. The hook is irresistibly fun, perfect for a summer night on the patio with the homies. We look forward to seeing what Cyrus

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AUDIO: J. McCoy – “All I Have Left to Give”

Experimental ambient artist J. McCoy has a new album out of tracks he made when he returned to Milwaukee two years ago. Mesmerizing layers of modular improvisations stack up like ladders into the sky with “All I Have Left to Give.” Deeply textural like majestic sunsets, these tracks are patiently optimistic yet hellacious in atmospheric texture. J. McCoy has been

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AUDIO: Rum Revere – “Simpatico Indeedy”

Experimental electronic artist Rum Revere released a new record this week. Themed around game show dating submissions, this album has fun with big ol’ dinosaur brains, a journey through paradise, and a custom sweatshirt designer among other silly things. Brock Gourlie has always been one to emphasize entertainment as much as meticulousness, turning fragmented humor into ambitious hip hop beat

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