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AUDIO: Ian Ewing – “Healing”

Chillhop artist Ian Ewing has been steady with new tracks all year. His latest feels like a sunset over the water, smooth as a bedtime charm. True to its name, the tune shimmers with a sensation of personal enlightenment, adorned with cool colors for the cover art. We dig the groove that Ian Ewing has been lately, and look forward

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AUDIO: Sylvagus – “Data Hunter”

Industrial-cyberpunk electronic artist Sylvagus dropped another tune yesterday, and it has the futuristic tension he’s known for. It sounds like a robot going on an absolute rampage in search of something, destroying everything in its path. Don’t get in its way. Sylvagus sure knows how to make a track true to what he names it. Share this post:

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AUDIO: Sylvagus – “Judgement”

Cyberpunk-industrial electronic producer Sylvagus dropped another tune not too long ago. The sounds resemble a cyborg going on an absolute rampage not unlike the Terminator movies. Between the drops there’s a tense rumbling that feels like the hypothetical heroes are on the run, waiting any second for the cyborg to appear and dish out – wait for it – *judgment*.

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AUDIO: Cntrlla – “Thank U For Being U (Feat. Message North)”

EDM artist Cntrlla’s latest track is from a delightful collaboration mix he’s working on. He states this one is especially personal to him; it’s about feeling a strong connection to someone at first but then being in conflict with them and questioning who they really are. Message North brings the vocals as Cntrlla delivers a dark and determined dubstep cut

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