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AUDIO: J.McCoy – “Untitled #1”

Dark ambient composer J. McCoy has a new piece out made for the Modulare crew in Wales, UK. Spanning over twelve minutes, it’s a composition that builds up with determination and endurance, ultimately evoking awe in the plane of serene adventure. It’s quite jovial compared to much of the composer’s past work; we hope J. McCoy has more to come

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AUDIO: The Wilting – “Love Songs for a Synthetic Heart”

Darkwave project The Wilting released a new record today. Consisting of seven tracks, there’s a recurring theme of love inflicting immense pain. That’s where the title comes in – the past has already destroyed your heart, and therefore you feel part of you has already died. All of this is stylistically done to the tune of gothic synth, wailing saxophone,

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AUDIO: Dark Psychic – “Hallucination”

Electronic rock duo Dark Psychic released their debut full-length album. It’s a record that puts you right in the world of a computer, full of danceable grooves and jog-friendly riffs. Think TRON, but with the technology of today, radiating a knack for risk and adventure. We definitely hope Dark Psychic create some visuals to go with these songs – it’s

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AUDIO: Thomas Xavier – “Go to Church”

House producer Thomas Xavier has his debut two-song EP out on User Friendly Records. The first song is a mid-tempo banger about raving with the holy energy in the air. The second song is a foot-tapper about being on your “G” shit. If you need something to warm you up today, look no further than Thomas Xavier. We hope to

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VIDEO: Immortal Girlfriend – “Others”

Synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend have a new video/short film to accompany their recent single “Others.” It features a couple moving into a new house, excited to share the space together. Eventually they run into personal conflicts that turn violent; the woman attacks and knocks the man unconscious, dragging him into a secret underground room. He wakes up and finds other

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AUDIO: BVSMV – “Holding Hands in the Rain”

Ambient artist BVSMV has a new track out that was featured on Triplicate Records’ new compilation titled “Space Invaders.” A saccharine tune of synth layers, we get put exactly as the title suggests, together with your significant other against the unrelenting precipitation. You feel present and at peace as you watch the sun slowly pierce the damp horizon, weathering the

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Jump Around and Have Fun with Mogley Miroma’s Track ‘something_Blue’

‘something_Blue’ is a track from Mogley Miroma’s newest album ‘floo&smoo’. This song in particular came from the artist’s need to create something he has not captured yet. He wanted to write something approachable but real. Usually, Miroma’s songs tend to be a bit despondent and dark so this time he wanted to have fun and create something joyful. The general

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AUDIO: Plaid Hawaii FT. TayBae – “Polaroids”

Psychedelic house producer Plaid Hawaii teamed up with TayBae for a new single. Accompanied by a tropical melody, Tay sings of losing herself in euphoric bliss through dancing and making memories with someone. The “Polaroids” represent every moment that everything makes sense; she and this person will always find each other no matter how big the crowd. It’s a saccharine,

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AUDIO: Thomas Cole – “Execute The Vision”

Thomas Cole

Electronic pop singer Thomas Cole is back, and he paves the way forward for the EDM scene with his latest release, ‘Execute The Vision’. If you have been pining to get back into a club due to lockdown, then this track is for you. Furthermore, it instantly gets the club vibes flowing through the speakers, and Thomas Cole stupefies with

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