AUDIO: Adam Giles Levy – “The Fall”

Rocker Adam Giles Levy, who hails from the United Kingdom, has released his newest track, “The Fall”. The song, which is a thoughtful composition about the life of a hopeless person whose life has little direction after a tragic event takes place. The lyrics are on point; they explain that even in the most difficult of circumstances, a path can still emerge, and that most of the time, our path is already predetermined.

The beat of “The Fall” is reminiscent of soft rock, and the production of the song also contains undercurrents of blues. It is also one of the many new songs that we are expecting to receive from Adam given that his new album, “Wake Of Disarray”, is scheduled to debut on platforms in November via his record label, Hillside Global. The song develops over its entirety, culminating in a magnificent conclusion portion in which it reaches its full potential.

In addition, the song includes a calm introduction that gradually builds up to a magnificent middle portion and a powerful finale. This unfolds akin to the development of a flower from bud to full bloom. As the song nears its end, the guitars take on a fresh and energising sound, and the intensity that the song conveys can be felt across the air.

You can listen here.

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