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AUDIO: Lost Blonde – “Wide Awake”

Lost Blonde

“Wide Awake”, the new single from American singer-songwriter Lost Blonde, is an introspective pop ballad that’s easy to get lost in, especially once Lost Blonde takes control with her compelling vocal performance. The song positions itself in the contemporary box, most likely between a Taylor Swift and Katy Perry record, and we feel it draws inspiration from both of these

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AUDIO: Spectral Display – “Slowly”

Spectral Display

Spectral Display are an electronic group that consistently delivers innovative and distinctive sounds, as showcased in their latest single, “Slowly”. Their musical quality and unwavering commitment to experimentation have established them as an influential force in the industry. “Slowly” encapsulates the essence of a feel-good, funky summer anthem that continues to captivate even as the winter season gets into swing.

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AUDIO: Minna Ora – “Storm”

Minna Ora

Minna Ora’s “Storm” is a piercing track that stands out in the ever-expanding sea of new music on Spotify. The Finnish singer-songwriter’s bold release has swiftly ascended the ranks, demanding attention with its compelling narrative. Ora has a knack for infusing her work with positivity, a characteristic consistent in her previous releases, which often touch upon environmental themes. “Storm” continues

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AUDIO: Von Venn – “Hero”

Von Venn

Von Venn, the original indie Irish band, has graced us with their latest album, “Jeanie Is Out”, a musical expedition brimming with captivating tracks that attest to the band’s rich reservoir of talent. Among these, “Hero” emerges as a shining gem that beckons listeners to explore its depths. Delving into the lyrics, one embarks on an introspective odyssey of self-discovery,

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AUDIO: Artinho x Matrace – “Carnage”


Artinho and Matrace have proven themselves to be a strong duo, showcasing their musical chemistry in their latest offering, ‘Carnage’. This track seamlessly melds elements of hip-hop and electronic music into a cohesive whole, creating an electrifying sound that’s simply impossible to resist. Right from the opening notes, ‘Carnage’ is one to write home about! It’s clear that Artinho and

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AUDIO: Ervin Munir – “Pick up the Phone”

Ervin Munir

‘Pick up the Phone’, the new single by Ervin Munir and Tina Blaber, is out now! For us, this track resounds with vigour and purpose, and the emotion on display is palpable from the get-go! This delivery brightens Ervin’s characteristic folk aesthetic while possessing a contemporary feel-good energy. Also, the song features a compelling narrative, all about different perspectives, coming

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AUDIO: Brian Lightning – “Pilot”

Brian Lightning

Brian Lightning, the promising newcomer from Birmingham, has burst onto the music scene with an electrifying debut single titled “Pilot”. As a magician by trade, Brian’s musical style is anything but ordinary, and ‘Pilot’ proves that he is here to make a significant impact with his distinctive and infectious magical energy blended seamlessly with an indie-rock edge. Right from the

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AUDIO: Von Venn – “Jeanie Is Out”

Von Venn

Dublin’s music scene has birthed another gem in the form of Von Venn, an indie rock outfit that is making waves with their exhilarating vibe. Their latest record, “Jeanie Is Out,” is out now and it is an absolute thrill to behold. With their previous singles like “Ghost” and “Constant Girl” making an appearance on this 10-track album, Von Venn

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AUDIO: 4Qua Of OrioN – “4QuaZulu”

4Qua Of OrioN

4Qua Of OrioN, the singer-songwriter hailing from the UK, has just unleashed his latest track, “4QuaZulu,” and it’s clear that he continues to make strides in the right direction. This new offering bursts through the speakers with immediate energy, igniting a fresh dose of afro-pop zeal that is simply irresistible. From the very beginning, “4QuaZulu” takes us on a trip.

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AUDIO: Zombiero Martin – “Rotten Circus”

Zombiero Martin

Zombiero Martin have unleashed a fierce and electrifying rock anthem with their latest single, “Rotten Circus.” From the very first hook, the song soars with its pulsating energy and infectious modern rock quality. Hailing from Copenhagen, this band knows how to make an unforgettable entrance. The guitars in “Rotten Circus” shake the speakers with a raw power that resonates perfectly.

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AUDIO: Thomas Cole – “Up In Smoke”

Thomas Cole

“Up In Smoke” by Thomas Cole by Electropoint has got us moving! This track takes us on a wild ride, breaking all the damn rules and serving up an exhilarating trip. These guys take no prisoners, blending electronic and pop elements. The result? A mind-blowing fusion of atmospheric melodies and vocals. “Up In Smoke” is all about soul-searching and finding

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AUDIO: Kingdumb – “Sun Blinging”


Kingdumb the Swindon music maker and DJ has certainly made a splash with his latest summer hit, ‘Sun Blinging’. This infectious track, accompanied by a visually stunning official video shot in a sunny resort, transports listeners to the Mediterranean, capturing the essence of the season and the mood of this new electronic gem. From the very first note, ‘Sun Blinging’

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AUDIO: Julia Thomsen – “Eternal Love”

Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen and Kirsten Agresta Copely’s latest release, ‘Eternal Love’, is a captivating musical journey that effortlessly enchants the soul. With its exceptional mellowness, the piece transports all to a realm of nature’s wonders and breathtaking beauty, evoking emotions that can be experienced even from a million miles away. At the heart of ‘Eternal Love’ lies a symphony of strings,

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AUDIO: Ervin Munir Featuring Aeron Z. Jones – “Fall Apart”

Ervin Munir

Ervin Munir, the talented folk singer hailing from London and now residing in Norfolk, continues to impress with his latest single, “Fall Apart,” a worthy successor to his previous hit, “Carolynn.” The song immediately piques our curiosity with its bluesy, country-style acoustic guitar intro, exuding a bold and brazen energy that fills the room with a captivating depth. As Ervin’s

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AUDIO: Brightwell And Moran – “Bare Boards”

Brightwell And Moran

‘Bare Boards,’ Brightwell & Moran’s highly anticipated new single, is an impressive showcase of the duo’s immense talent. The Portland, Oregon-based duo, formerly known as Radio Stranger, has won the 2022 Talent Is Timeless songwriting competition. The duo recorded the single at the iconic Abbey Road studios with the help of Jam Records London, and the result is an eclectic

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AUDIO: Ricki Erik – “Como Te Llamas”

Ricki Erik

Ricki Erik’s newest single, ‘Como Te Llamas’, is firing on all cylinders. The new song is featured on Ricki’s newest album, titled ‘Genreality’, which is an upbeat and uplifting collection of gems. ‘Como Te Llamas’ begins with an outstanding intro, which consists of a moving synth that is shortly followed by a percussion rhythm that has a latin flavour. The

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AUDIO: AJ Whyte – “Back To The Water”

AJ Whyte

With his new track, ‘Back To The Water’, AJ Whyte is taking off and expanding his musical horizons. This new single from the British singer-songwriter is full of exciting and engaging sounds. As the song progresses, it develops into a beautiful piece, with the energy becoming even more pervasive as AJ delves deeper into his thought-provoking story. This song is

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AUDIO: Charmaine Wohlmann – “Avalanche”

Charmaine Wohlmann

With her debut track, ‘Avalanche’, the English singer Charmaine Wohlmann, doesn’t keep anything in the locker. Charmaine, who is obviously very knowledgeable in her style, captures our attention from the very first note of her performance. She then leads us on an unforgettable journey, revealing her many facets. ‘Avalanche’, which has a captivating introduction, begins with a resounding bang. The

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AUDIO: Ervin – “She Never Made Old Bones”


‘She Never Made Old Bones,’ the new release from Ervin, a folk music breakout sensation from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, gets his new year off to a roaring start. The passionate performance of the song, which draws inspiration from more conventional methods, bursts forth from the speakers with a such unwavering poignancy that it is difficult to criticise in

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