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AUDIO: Zipten – “Midnight Walk”

Zipten is on fine form with yet another treasure, ‘Midnight Walk.’ Sending shockwaves around the electronic world, ‘Midnight Walk’ kicks off with a tapping rhythm. Also, it holds many sounds which add weight to the already full mix. For me, I enjoy how Zipten has added a few layers of bass into the mix. It sounds as though the sub-bass

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AUDIO: Suman – “Let Go”

Suman returns with her new hit ‘Let Go’. It is the first track to follow up her previous smasher, ‘Crazy Over You’ and yet again Suman defies expectation. Anybody aware of Suman will notice that she has an elegant quality. Furthermore, she quickly adapts her sound, and this new track proves her versatility as a musician. Yes, it follows a

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AUDIO: Ashley Lauren – “Alive”

Ashley Lauren inspires with her latest release ‘Alive’. It comes with a potent message, and the quality which is on display is extraordinary. Hailing from New York, Ashley has already seen considerable success for her previous releases, and she picks up where she left off here with ‘Alive’. It kicks off with a gradually increasing synth arrangement which sounds as

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AUDIO: Amanda Marie Wilkinson – “Spiritual Level”

Amanda Marie Wilkinson delves deep into dance-pop and what she returns with is a treasure! Furthermore, her latest release ‘Spiritual Level’ is sending a shockwave across the pop space, and it is evident to see why. Moreover, it comes with a mesmerising tone and the musical foundation which Amanda’s vocals sit on drips energy like a leaking tap. It all

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AUDIO: LZYBY – “Frustration”

LZYBY is smashing his way forward with his latest hit ‘Frustration’. A pop gem at heart, the track takes a myriad of directions, and it often comes out with a flavour of indie for good measure. Vocally, LZYBY gets underway in his style. Furthermore, his ability to sing with clear articulation is a selling point like no other. Moreover, he

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AUDIO: WOLFBERRY – “Let’s Make Fire”


WOLFBERRY is on track to release one of the most potent James Bond esque pop anthems since the arrival of Billie Eilish’s hit ‘No Time To Die’. Although WOLFBERRY’s ‘Let’s Make Fire’ is not linked to Bond, it carries a similar direction with a sound which will have you comparing her music to a soundtrack. Musically, it is omnipotent with

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AUDIO: Lydia Singer – “Lemme Know”

Milton Keynes pop starlet, Lydia Singer, is rising out of the underground with a sound which is catching many off their guard, including myself. I first received her new track ‘Lemme Know’ only a few days ago, and although the description was potent, I was not expecting to find myself falling in love with her sound quite as much as

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