AUDIO: An Vedi – “ConTempoRary Violin”

An Vedi is holding nothing back with her quest to showcase her innate musical ability, as exemplified by her new album, ‘ConTempoRary Violin’. The album casts a new light on some of the greatest composers’ most significant pieces. Also, considering the delivery is a solo violin effort, we cannot overlook it!

Violinist An has been honoured with many accolades throughout her career, so it should be no surprise that she is garnering a new legion of fans with this recent arrival. Moreover, she guides us through a journey that takes us away from the madness of our times and into a location where there is only fresh air. Her playing style is distinctive, and it causes goosebumps to rise rapidly on the back of the neck, which is an indication that the record is of the best calibre.

Speaking about the album, An said: “After the success of my previous album “Voiceolin”, 2021 (it has more than ten awards and nominations), in which “Sonata A War Zone” played a big role, I realized that it’s time to give listeners new music for solo violin. It’s always difficult to listen to an unaccompanied violin, much more difficult than music for piano or guitar.”

Overall, a very delightful listening experience and a good indication of what to anticipate from her upcoming releases.

You can listen here.

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