AUDIO: Michael Lukes – “Here And Now”

The latest release by Michael Lukes and Savine, ‘Here And Now’, takes us on a journey through time. This release is an indie-folk gem that is laced with numerous post-genre approaches. Additionally, it casts a clear light on the talent that is currently emerging from the United Kingdom and Micahel appears to be leading the pack with this treat!

The singer-songwriter who resides in London and Rome for the bulk of his time kicks off the performance by strumming his distinctive acoustic guitar, which propels us onward. Soon after, he emerges from the background with a dreamy vocal performance that echeos around, drawing us closer to his words as he performs. Savine then makes her entrance with her voice perched atop an emotionally charged piano arrangement, and the two of them sing in harmony together to create an even stronger tug on the heartstrings.

The chorus is vital, as is typical for this type of genre, and the drums tap in rhythm to the explosive vocals, which have a vibe similar to that of the Lumineers and Mumford & Sons. Michael is clearly influenced by these two artists, and although he does not create anything entirely new in this regard, he does improve upon a quality that has already been offered by his contemporaries.

You can take a listen to ‘Here And Now’ here.

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