Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 8/23/13 – Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel Band

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel band, a group of friends that just sort of came together to form a travelling indie folk outfit. The band started in 2008, centered around Coyne, who had been putting together solo material. After inviting friends to play on the record, the group started playing with one another more consistently, and the result was the Rusty Nickel Band, and soon after, Myles Coyne’s debut EP. The band began playing local shows as well, which then spread out across the midwest. They now travel the region as much as possible, including frequent shows in Milwaukee. Expect that number of shows to increase in the near future, as the band will be supporting their new album, “Take Things As They Come”.

“Take Things As They Come”, which is Coyne’s fifth release and the first full length project to carry the Rusty Nickel Band’s name, is a hybrid of all things quaint about indie pop, coupled with a folk twang that is captivating. While it’s easy to fall into a rut with this genre from a songwriting perspective, Coyne & Co. carry a different sound from song to song. No two songs sound exactly the same, and its better that way. The album even carries “About”, a song featuring band member Caley Conway, who also has a three song EP of songs of her own that comes with the 12″ record (that’s vinyl, kids). It’s also clear that nothing was off limits in making this record as well, evidenced by the Americana meets alternative rock section at the end of the record’s title track. Coyne also slows things down with album closer “Chapter III” but can get as poppy as you’d like on songs like “I’m Not Gonna Let Go Of You (This Time)”. Unique moments like those are what make a record stand out, and this album is full of them. Take a listen for yourself below.

For more Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel Band, check out their Facebook, Twitter, and website.

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