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AUDIO: Immortal Girlfriend Ft. Hailey Orion and Deezie Brown – “Friday Night”

Synthpop duo Immortal Girlfriend collaborated with two Texas natives, pop artist Hailey Orion and funk-hip hop artist Deezie Brown, on their latest single. Opening with nighttime crickets, the tune blossoms into a vibrant pop-wave with the feel of a midnight cruise. It twinkles with the atmospheric wonder Immortal Girlfriend have championed over the years. The cover art features ruby depictions

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AUDIO: Daydream Retrievers – “The Ballad of Who Could Care Less”

Indie rockers Daydream Retrievers are out with the second single from the new batch they’ve been working on. It’s a slower tempo, downbeat tune that carries a bleak message of life’s cyclical nature. You win some, lose some, and just keep meandering through this absurd world. It’s a song that feels relevant right now. With a desert-like drone fading the

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AUDIO: CRLSS – “Memory Tap Scars”

Grunge pop duo CRLSS are out with a new record. In visceral display and soaked in reverb these songs reflect powerlessness, past traumas, nostalgic pain, and self-deprecation. Vocalist Ryan King has said this is his proudest work yet; he truly basks in guitar-driven neo-psychedelia that well accommodates his tortured lyrics about insidious demons. Like past releases, there’s plenty of electronic

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AUDIO: Bum Alum – “The Breaks”

Bum Alum is out with his second EP in the last month and he describes it as “a love record about growth and questioning the human spirit.” He’s known for his whimsical, idiosyncratic take on experimental pop and this trio of songs accomplish that well. The first track features Johanna Rose on backing vocals. The lyrics here explore detachment from

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AUDIO: Calboa – “Admission”

Calboa is back with the goods. Furthermore, his new indie track ‘Admission’ is catapulting him out of the Hull indie scene, and many fans, including myself, cannot seem to get enough of it since its arrival. Taking influence from some of the biggest names in indie, Calboa adds his own touch while keeping modern and up to date with the

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