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AUDIO: As Oak – “Lake House Sessions”

As Oak are a group whose sound encompasses elements of folk rock, slowcore, experimental and ambient. Their new EP is out today and it’s full of dense soundscapes that give plenty of room for emotive movement. You can tell that the members really listen to one another with patience and intention, bringing an overall somber demeanor that is both sensitive

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AUDIO: Buffalo Nichols – “Meet Me In The Bottom / Friends”

Singer-songwriter Buffalo Nichols released two new songs this week – his first since last year’s eponymous debut album. “Meet Me In The Bottom” brings electrifying blues while “Friends” shares evocative storytelling of hope, kindness and pain. The pairing creates a powerful and cathartic contrast – stay tuned for more to come from Buffalo Nichols in the near future.

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AUDIO: Matthew Davies – “Skywriter”

Singer-songwriter Matthew Davies released a new album this week. It’s a record of vivacity and palpable honesty with eleven tracks of Davies’ picturesque songwriting. He touches on topics like subconscious fears, joy in the present moment, finding what you’re good at, working hard to provide for the family, faith in a higher power. Musicians contributing to this record are Andrew

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AUDIO: J. Ethan Zed – “Pay My Bills, Buy My Lunch”

J. Ethan Zed is the solo folk project of dreamy rock act Angry Fix’s bassist Jeremy Zelman. He’s out with his debut album and it deals largely with everyday life in late-stage capitalism. Being a creative who’s forced to engage with a lifestyle of mindless work culture and exploitative systems is a challenge that we all face on the daily

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VIDEO: Kyle John Kenowski – “A Transient Thing”

Psych-classical-folk-pop artist Kyle John Kenowski’s got the video out for “A Transient Thing” for his “infinite” album “Ourugorus Garden.” The singer-songwriter recently moved to Seattle, and the visuals here reflect his new surroundings. There’s flowers, mountains, wildlife, and rain-soaked forests – and even a cat! “A Transient Thing” reflects the blooming landscapes as the lyrics touch on getting older, going

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