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Midnight Hound is on the Trail

By Bryon Cherry Milwaukee’s Midnight Hound (formerly known as Axehandle Hound) is the city’s premier purveyors of freedom rock. What is freedom rock you may ask? “It’s just a vibe. Come find out,” founding member Dan Kimpel says. If that statement sounds mildly menacing and recklessly fun then you are catching onto the flow of their brand of freedom rock.

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: In Cursive, Graysea, Still Stayer, After Hour Animals

A stacked bill of heavy music took place at X-Ray Arcade Friday night, featuring Milwaukee bands In Cursive, Graysea, Still Stayer, and After Hour Animals alongside Minneapolis-based “grungegaze” atmospheric rockers Comatose. In Cursive are an experimental emo rock sextet consisting of vocalist/guitarist Joe Brandt, guitarist Jake Arndt, guitarist Connor Nash, bassist Graeme Kostich, drummer Joey Koepp, and keyboardist Trent McClanahan.

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AUDIO: Tiqmmy – “Joint Effort”

Alternative act Tiqmmy are out with their debut EP. With a unique blend of hip hop, emo and pop punk sensibilities, Tiqmmy confront demons head on with “Joint Effort.” Themes of loneliness, anxiety, loss, seeing right through someone, and wishing so bad that someone was yours are all channeled through emotional performances. Despite the turmoil of the various subject matters,

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Hip hop artist JalenG’s latest single is – as the name implies – about fighting your shadows. G raps about being changed by having a kid, feeling the music in his veins, and not knowing who to trust these days. Produced by Miakel Plevva, this song finds JalenG aggressively asserting himself out of negative feelings and closer towards the top.

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VIDEO: Day Tvvo – “I Need Help Too”

Alternative pop artist Day Tvvo dropped a new single and video recently. This one strips things down to mostly acoustic guitar, finding Tvvo reflecting on a relationship’s downfall. He acknowledges that he’s got issues and needs a change of pace; he sits alone at a campfire in the woods as he ponders who he really is. We hope it’s the

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Milwaukee’s American Progress is Not a Myth

By Bryon Cherry American progress is a term that conjures up some pretty immediate thoughts for many people around the world both good and not so good. American Progress though is a Milwaukee based punk band that is still defining exactly what they are to the world. In October of 2021 they released their debut three song EP, “Unprocessed” as

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