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AUDIO: Ryan Necci and the Buffalo Gospel – “Battle Cry”

Country-Americana band Ryan Necci and the Buffalo Gospel released their new EP, featuring three recent singles and three unreleased ones. Tales of tribulations, cries for help, facing the devil, and acceptance are delivered with Necci’s reputably candid storytelling. While these songs channel despair and falter, he’s got fortitude in emerging from the bleakness, whether he’s breaking out of old habits

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VIDEO: Ryan Necci and the Buffalo Gospel – “Lend Me Your Heart”

Country-Americana band Ryan Necci and the Buffalo Gospel released the video accompanying their most recent single “Lend Me Your Heart.” Shot by Schuyler Howie, it finds Necci laying in the grass with the fragment of a mirror by his side. As he sings, he gets up and walks into the wilderness, where he finds more and more pieces of the

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AUDIO: Wise Jennings – “Grinder”

Folk rock duo Wise Jennings released their new album on Friday. The husband-and-wife dynamic of Wise Jennings has always carried a polished, harmonious variety of country life storytelling; “Grinder” finds Jeff and Melissa contrasting tales of painstaking navigation of the current times with bright melodic synergy. Whether they’re singing tales of causing trouble in little towns (“Farmer’s Daughter”, “Mother Went

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AUDIO: Old Pup – “Screen Crawlers”

Americana artist Old Pup’s latest single is out ahead of his upcoming album “Incognito Lounge.” With wailing harmonica and a rustic melody that fully soars into psychedelic territory in the second half, the song is lyrically honest and forthright about being hiding behind their phone screens without saying an actual word to one another, and it’s hard to break out

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AUDIO: D.B. Rouse – “Prickly Pair”

Singer-songwriter D.B. Rouse’s latest single is about being a brave couple in the desert. With Americana flare, Rouse tells a fun story of finding spicy wild berries, forgetting water, living among roadrunners and coyotes, and getting their car stuck. “Prickly Pair” is a warm folk tune that helps us during the winter blues just a bit.

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AUDIO: Merrill Miller – “22”

Singer-songwriter Merrill Miller released his debut single recently. Passionate and raw, the song is about loneliness and self-imposed isolation, where one yearns to be understood but fear of rejection keeps you quiet. It’s been easy for many to feel such a way in the last two years, and Merrill Miller turned those feelings into a solidarity tune with those struggling.

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