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AUDIO: Matthew Davies – “Skywriter”

Singer-songwriter Matthew Davies released a new album this week. It’s a record of vivacity and palpable honesty with eleven tracks of Davies’ picturesque songwriting. He touches on topics like subconscious fears, joy in the present moment, finding what you’re good at, working hard to provide for the family, faith in a higher power. Musicians contributing to this record are Andrew

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AUDIO: Long Mama – “Poor Pretender”

At long last, Long Mama are out with their debut LP today. It’s ten songs that find singer-songwriter Kat Wodtke pouring her heart out to sweet melodies of Americana-tinged rock, country and folk. Incorporating themes of love, heartbreak, tough skin and running off to find yourself again, Long Mama detail the poignant affairs of companionship in life with “Poor Pretender.”

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VIDEO: Matthew Davies – “Cinder Block”

Singer-songwriter Matthew Davies is gearing up to release a new album at the end of the month – before that though, he’s got a new single and video out that didn’t make it on the album. “Cinder Block” is about finding joy in the little things while the world feels like it’s falling apart, and Davies does so by goofing

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AUDIO: J. Ethan Zed – “Pay My Bills, Buy My Lunch”

J. Ethan Zed is the solo folk project of dreamy rock act Angry Fix’s bassist Jeremy Zelman. He’s out with his debut album and it deals largely with everyday life in late-stage capitalism. Being a creative who’s forced to engage with a lifestyle of mindless work culture and exploitative systems is a challenge that we all face on the daily

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VIDEO: Mike Mangione – “The Turnabout”

Americana singer-songwriter Mike Mangione has a new single and video out. He’s found in various settings – sandy fields, in the middle of the road, and in the backyard of a picturesque countryside house. The song touches on the concept of home, and how who and what you feel at home with shapes you as a person no matter where

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AUDIO: Long Mama – “Clean Break”

Americana rockers Long Mama are out with their second single off upcoming album “Poor Pretender.” With backing vocals from Eva Nimmer, Kat Wodtke tenderly sings the somber story of someone walking out on you without making a scene about it. The song takes thing downtempo, establishing a melancholy feel that reflects the stinging pain of abandonment. Stay tuned for Long

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